Computer Problems

I was just submitting an entry last night when the ADSL modem died. *sigh* Phil had just received SOCOM II that day, so he wasn’t thrilled, either. But a quick trip to PC World today solved our problems, although the connection does seem VERY slow. Dialup speed.

Went out to ride this morning, only to find that the monthly “shoot” on the farm was taking place. I’d been told that they did it somewhere out in the fields, and you could hear it but it didn’t bother the horses. No. It was very close to the arena, practically in the yard. WTF? Who the hell thinks it’s a good idea to let people shoot guns next to the horses? It was like being in a war zone.

Well, I suppose if I ever decide to relocate to Iraq and bring my horse, we’ll be prepared. :( NOT happy with that.


Saturday’s Entry:

Such a beautiful morning, crisp and windy, sunny and warm-ish. I rode Kip outside, in the arena and around the barns and outbuildings, and then Phil came out with his parents to “meet” him for the first time. Phil walked us down the lane that runs out to the pastures, acting as Kip’s security person…or was he mine? lol…regardless, we had practically our first trail ride, then I stripped his tack off and turned him out. Gorgeous.

I just transferred some cash to my family to help a bit with my mother’s medical bills; I’ll be sending them regular payments. Thank the gods for the NHS and medical care for everyone; it is very different back home. Many people can’t afford health insurance, and even those that can are told by their insurance companies that huge chunks of their bills aren’t covered or are disallowed for some reason. I don’t know what they’re going to do – my mother’s bills will only get worse, as she loses mobility and the ability to speak, and eventually the ability to breathe on her own. I am so worried about them.

Plus, I got one of my daughter’s periodic “Why can’t you be a normal mother, why are you so far away, I’m so depressed” emails. I had to wait several days before I wrote her back because I was so angry. This is a child that grew up with everything: parents who loved her (perhaps spoiling her a bit too much), fencing lessons, ponies, karate and dance lessons, help with homework, balanced meals…and she feels that she is damaged? Join the world, my love. We all feel damaged.

Grrr…ok, I admit that I am still a bit upset. I love and miss her so much. I can’t help her, I can only keep telling her that I DO love her, and always have.

But enough. I am going to go downstairs and read and have a glass of wine. Perhaps a pizza, as I’ve been craving one. Spinach and ricotta. :)

8 thoughts on “Computer Problems”

  1. Perhaps a pizza, as I’ve been craving one. Spinach and ricotta. :)

    Like minds! :) We just got back from Sainsburys and the boy picked out the exact same pizza to bring home. :) (unfortunately, I can’t have any of it. *le sigh*)

  2. I miss “interesting” pizzas from back home. Cajun or BBQ chicken, veggie pizzas with goat cheeze, you name it. Not Atkins friendly, unfortunately. Did you ever make Boboli pizzas with your own toppings? Mmmmnnn…perfect. Chicken, mushrooms, cream cheese with garlic and herbs.

    Ok, I’m starving – I have to go make dinner now. :)

  3. We all mature differently. I went from 12 to 13 to about 18,19, 20, …25…. then regressed to 13 again for a few years. Now I’m safely in 26/27 :)

  4. I buy plain cheese pizzas from the store (frozen typically) then add the topings that *I* like. Spinach, feta, garlic, onions, GOOD olives (not those nasty black ones), or whatever else I’m in the mood for.

  5. *BIG HUGS* on the family front.

    I know that you’re doing everything you can to be of help to your folks and I’m sure that they appreciate it so very much.

    As to the girly, I can so relate. It’s either WWIII around here, or I’m her Very Best Friend in the Universe, and I never know when I wake up which way it’s going to be that day. As to the damaged bit, I’m in total agreement with you – I don’t think any of us makes it through childhood without some emotional scarring. It wouldn’t be childhood if we did, it’d be a fairy tale. Hey, wait a minute…. lets take a look at those fairy tales… talk about damage. I’d really like to know who told them it’s all supposed to be so perfect and lovely and devoid of stress and drama and disappointment? Ridiculousness.

    Try to take care, love. We miss you here.

  6. Oh, and hey… on the bright side… someday you can sit back and smirk while she damages her own kids :P.

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