Communication on TeamSpeak

This is from our guild forums, and it made me laugh so hard. I don’t know where our guild leader is from (me being totally crap with accents), but it’s either Spain or Portugal. Other guildies are from Sweden, Denmark, Russia, and so on. He has a strong accent and interesting choices of phrase, and I love his pronounciation.

There are many new ppl in the guild and it can be hard to get everything that is being said on TS, so here is a little guide:

Skool = Skull
Spouns = Spawns
Pikk it Pikk it = Tank it please
Moontaain = Mountain
Coomman iz zo eazy = Do better next time
Grolls = Gruul’s lair
Karraffan = Karazhan
Lorrkerr = The Lurker Below
Virrl = Whirl, Lurker attack
Fkilf = Skillzz
Fattyyy = I’m not sure about this even though I’ve been in the guild for almost half a year, but I think it refers to Morph or Euto or possibly any dwarf in guild.
Iz a vaip = (for warlocks) Quick, lifetap and hellfire!!!!

And the GM’s response?

xD fucking dorf bastard

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