Comment Spam

As with anyone who has a blog, any blog, I get a lot of comment spam. If there aren’t too many in the spamvault, I actually look through them to see if any of them are real comments. Sometimes I just bin the lot.

The trouble is, any comments I make on other people’s blogs also end up in Akismet purgatory. Now I don’t make a lot of comments, I’m mostly a lurker. I’ll (rarely) comment if I actually have something to say. And none of those comments ever seem to make it onto the posts they were intended for…I’ve somehow been labelled as spammer scum by either WordPress or Akismet. It’s really frustrating.

Raz, check your comments. Just sayin’. :)

1 thought on “Comment Spam”

  1. hmm good plan, now I just need to figure out how i set comments to work and where they are lol. I must not get alot of spam or else the system is doing a very good job of hiding them from me lol. Thanks though I will watch out for them!


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