Friday, thank the gods…I made it. This was a good week, but very exhausting. Everyone closed down early and went to the pub, and I should have gone, but I was just too tired. (“Going to the pub” is important here – it’s something that I should have done, as part of the team. My bad.)

This week I noticed a uncomfortable, almost creepy pub sign. I don’t remember what the pub was called, but the sign was painted with a bunch of people standing very stiffly in front of a bar inside a pub, posed like the people in old sepia photographs. Sitting on a bench in front of them, his back to their stares, is a small boy in short pants with angel wings. Very odd.

Anansi is much the same; he’s spent the week with Phil at work. The office where I work is MUCH too loud for him, too much loud music. He’s still being force-fed, and is drinking a bit, still on antibiotics. He’ll crawl around a bit on the carpet if we put him down, and then collapse in a heap. Sleeping sickness? Is there some mineral or vitamin deficiency that he has, due to the fact that there is no food balanced for them, and not much information on what to feed them? I don’t know. Phil wants to take him back to the vet tomorrow, but I think that if they knew what was wrong with him, they would have been able to do something the last two times. We fought about it; Phil said that I was giving up on him, which was both unfair and untrue, and I said that he wanted to take him to the vets again so that he could feel as though he was doing something. Poor Anansi.

The guy that bought the trailer on eBay is picking it up tommorrow. Boy, did he get a bargain. :(

We’ve been watching more episodes of Hex on DVD rented from Amazon – I really like that series. The lesbian ghost character is one of the best characters from any show that I’ve ever seen. I just love her.

Back to Warcraft. :) I joined an all-female guild, but I haven’t been able to play with any of them yet because both of my characters are still very weenie and low-level. But I’m having fun.

6 thoughts on “*collapse*”

  1. Do you know if any UK zoos have giant rats? they might be able to dvise you of what to do. I hope he perks up soon.

  2. I still read the _ (underscore) mailing list here. and indeed, going to the pub does seem to be of large social importance, hehe. Try to make one next time, or even organize one yourself :)

    _ is pretty cool still, btw.

    Anyhow, yeah I’m off to warcraft. I’m very jealous you have a 20+ character already!!! I’ve been playing like 15 months and only have 3 level 16-19 characters! ah well :)

    Cheers! ;)

  3. Yes, I’d followed Kali’s story, and was sad when she finally died. I think she had heart problems, though, and Anansi’s heart seems to be fine. It’s still a mystery.

  4. I haven’t read that mailing list in ages! I’ll need to organise one myself, when there’s not so much going on.

    I don’t know how you’re playing three characters – I have the one warlock, and then a night elf druid alt that just made level 9. Each level takes so much time, and it gets harder as you go up. I suppose the goal is just to enjoy the game and the experience, but I really, REALLY want a felsteed for my warlock. I want a horse with flaming feet, so as not to always be running and running and running. :)

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