I went out to the stable this morning, intending to ride, and it was so cold that I actually felt ill from it. I had thick woolen socks, but they didn’t provide enough protection from the cold in my rubber riding boots, and my feet immediately went numb. So I just mucked, turned Lizzie out in the outdoor arena with some hay, and went home. This afternoon I’ll try to ride.

I’m very much a lover of hot climates; I don’t do well in cold. I want to just wrap up, sit by the fire, read and eat…my version of hibernation, I suppose.

At the moment I’m working on a simple CMS that will allow hosted sites to easily build and maintain search-optimised sites. I’d written something similar in ASP, but floundered when I was trying to build a WYSIWYG/rich html editor that would strip out or ignore Word code if cut-and-pasted directly from Word (as you know people would). Now I’m trying to do a cleaner, more functional version in PHP, which I’ve been trying lackadasically to learn. I have no drive anymore.

*yawn* Back to it, I suppose…

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