Cold, Strange Day

Uncomfortable weekend. I was really looking forward to this weekend, too. Our combi boiler (which runs the central heating and heats water) is on the fritz, and we’re trying desperately to get a plumber out. I’m wearing my heaviest coat right now, and have been all day. So chilly and grey.

Weird news from back home, from an old friend…who has suddenly decided that I am this major bitch and has been writing about it. What the hell? I know that I shouldn’t be bothered by it, but I am. I must have this amazing talent to piss people off, even across oceans. *sigh* Whatever…

Phil is out right now, picking up a heater from his grandmother’s house, and I am waiting for the plumber. It was below freezing last night, and it feels as though it’s going to be just as cold tonight. Very strange mood, disconnected and restless.

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