Cold, Sad Monday

Still no heat here. I feel cold all the way down to the bone. Our landlady was here half the day yesterday, trying to get the plumber from across the road to look at the combi-boiler. I was so angry at her ex- not only is she going through hell right now, because she’s sick (leukemia), and taking care of her ex-husband, who is incurably ill, she just broke up with her boyfriend because he started drinking again, threw all her stuff into the street and beat the hell out of her. She has a black eye, a cut on her eyebrow, and horrible bruises and slashes up her legs where he beat her with a walking stick. We offered to give up the house, so she could move back in, but she said that she couldn’t afford it. She’s so sweet, and this is very sad.

Phil and I are breaking up. He lied to me, looked into my eyes and lied to me about something very important. I couldn’t lie to him…I don’t know how he could do it to me. So everything that I was counting on is a lie, and I don’t know what to do or where to go.

Very cold in many ways here.

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