Cold, Rainy Weather Continues

After a terrible night filled with anxiety dreams about work (work dreams are the WORST – bad enough being there during the day, but in my dreams as well?) I woke and went out to the stable. After mucking out and getting her feed ready, I saddled Lizzy and rode her slowly, gently…and she was MUCH better. A bit out of breath after a short burst of canter, but otherwise much improved.

I wonder if she had a touch of some virus, and that’s what was causing the exercise intolerance. I’d ruled it out because she was bright, eating well, didn’t have a snotty nose, and didn’t have a temperature, but it’s possible she had something that was making her feel “off.” And, being the delicate little prima donna that she is, she has to be over-dramatic about everything.

It’s funny – she hasn’t been really worked in ages, and she’s a very hot, excitable horse that can throw total hysterical tizzies when she feels like it. But, perhaps given her age, she’s also very sensible. I can just hop on her and trust her not to launch me immediately, I can take her into canter without wondering if she’s going to work off excess energy with a series of bucks. She’s such a good girl…most of the time. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a horse that was so perfectly suited to me. I just wish that I could work her health and agoraphobia problems out.

4 thoughts on “Cold, Rainy Weather Continues”

  1. catwithclaws

    I wanted to comment on how much I love that you suit Lizzy so well. Many riders would not, they’d give up or not tolerate certain antics. But you really DO understand her — for that alone I truly hope she did have some sort of virus and you two work out her health soon so you can go back to the horse that you deserve to have.

    (as an aside, someone else on my f-list has a horse who’s been having breathing issues the same way, they never figured it out (virus? the new pregnancy? unknown) but she’s getting better too :) )

  2. Yes, even when she’s trying to bite or kick, or on the times when she’s as difficult to lead as a stallion through a field of mares, I still love her. She’s my Lizzie Lizard. :)

    Interesting about the flist person’s horse. I’d googled for respiratory problems, and only came up with things that we had ruled out. Thank goodness they both seem to be getting better.

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