Classic Beelzebub

“We must return, with a heavy heart, to the tragic case of Tony Martin.

…For those of you who have been on the Planet Zog (or in deepest West Wales) for the past few years, Mr Martin is the chap from Norfolk who shot two burglars attempting to rob his isolated farmhouse at dead of night. One died, the other was wounded…”

And one of my favourites:

Midriffs and thongs: it’s not big and it’s not clever

“…And what’s this thong business? Since when has it been fashionable to have your underwear showing over the top of your trousers? Poor old John Major was ridiculed for making a similar fashion statement. Now even women of a certain age have got diamante triangles creeping up their backs. And we’re talking here about ladies who should be making sponge cakes and jam for the WI bring-and-buy, not wearing pieces of string up their bottoms. The mind boggles.”


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