City Girl

It’s Friday, and I am soooo happy. Home soon to collapse on the sofa, watch a mindless action movie, and smell grilling steak in the air as Phil works his usual magic in the kitchen. (I can cook, by the way. It’s just generally too spicy for Phil, so he prefers to do most of it.)

The other night I took the bus to the village where the stable is, and I started confidently down the lane (less than a mile to the stable), only to realise: “Crap! It’s dark!” I suppose I expected streelights. I’ve lived in cities for too long. It varied from sort-of-being-able-to-see by the lights of houses to just-stuck-my-head-in-an-elephant’s-ass black. Horrible, scary, totally blind walk.

Anyway, enough waffle. I’m going to shut down and leave…have a WONDERFUL weekend!

1 thought on “City Girl”

  1. wandringsoul

    Hehe – oh yeah, it’s dark once you get out of town isn’t it?

    Just imagine what could be in the shadows…Mothman, something from Blair Witch, or worse…dog poo.

    : )

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