Last night I got up in the early morning hours, as I quite often do, because the churbles (the giant rats) were banging feed dishes against the bars of their cage and shrieking at each other like parrots. (They’re great animals for insomniacs to have, perfect schedules.) I let them out to work off some of that energy and loudness, and I sat against the radiator in the computer room watching them run laps around the room. Aja found a cellophane bag of mixed nuts that was leaning against the desk, and out of curiousity I tipped them out on the carpet for her. Nut after nut after nut went into her cheek pouches; I wished I’d began counting when she started, because she far surpassed her last record of twelve monkey nuts. Bye the time she finished, her cheek pouches were bulging to the point of splitting, and she made loud rattling noises as she looked for a place to bury them. Very amusing – they’re such silly looking animals in the first place, and a face full of hazelnuts, almonds and pecans makes them look even sillier.

At work, we got the xml feed working for the affiliate banners and the price comparison sites. Exciting.

I called my trainer, to tell her that Kip was lame and that I was cancelling my lesson.

“Can’t you borrow Lady again?” (The TB mare that I had borrowed last time.)
“I haven’t seen them, they haven’t offered, and it’s not something that I would ever just ask.”
“Give me a moment, and I’ll call and ask them.”

Embarrassing…but I was secretly glad that I could ride tomorrow. I’m like a junkie with no connections for a fix.

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