There comes a time when you need to grab yourself by the scruff of the neck, give yourself a good hard shake, and say “make up your mind”. All of those touchy-feely-crunchy-granola terms that basically come down to one thing: live, or don’t. Do it, or do nothing.

And so, while no real change is instantaneous, you do need to start somewhere.  So, yesterday I did the following things:

1. Walked at lunch, walked after work. I have blisters on my feet and I’m crippling up and down the stairs…I suppose it would have been smarter to not be wearing high-heeled boots.  :)

2. Ate rice, fruit and some beef for lunch. Yogurt for dinner. No junk.

3. Got a lot of work accomplished, and decided to not be part of the next stage of the freelance project- I’ll get paid for this part, and be done with it.

4. I had some cuddle time with a purring cat who slept with her head on my thigh while I read. It was one of the strays from the back garden, since Laurence just doesn’t do cuddles, but it felt so relaxing.

5. I logged into EVE and started some training…it was all I had time for, but my self-imposed exile is over.

6. I thought about some projects that I haven’t had time for in ages…like the children’s book I’ve always wanted to write and illustrate.

And it all felt good. This is a chrysalis time, when I am still in my old life, but preparing to emerge into the new. It is time for a very big change, and I’m starting to see the shape of what I want to change to.

5 thoughts on “chrysalis”

  1. I’mma change your title to Butterfly Cat in-game! Will be good to have you flying with us…we are refocusing and re-energizing on some new stuff soon, so your timing is impeccable.

  2. You do know that the moment you show a stray cat some kindness it changes character class from Feral to Pet… believe me, I should know. My cat is multi-classed.

  3. When you come out of the chrysalis, will you be a butterfly? Or a lethal killing machine?

    I’ve seen it go either way in movies.

  4. @Ty: A killing machine in a designer suit. :D Anyone who has ever rubbed me the wrong way in a conference room can tell you that.

    @Stropp: My cat Laurence is a blood elf. Seriously, if he was humanoid, that’s what he would be. Languid, bitchy, sarcastic, and wouldn’t want to risk breaking a nail. He doesn’t do pets or cuddles – it musses his fur.

    @Mynxee: very much looking forward to rejoining our band of Hot Dangerous Girls. :D

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