Christmas Trees

Tonight we’re going to get the tree and decorations out, and start to decorate the tree. I think we both need some holiday spirit. We don’t get real trees, although I love the smell – I don’t like the thought of cutting down a living tree, and disposal is always a problem. So we have a realistic-looking, but not pine-scented, tree.

This weekend (prior to discovering that we were broke) I’d bought a red-and-green woven tablecloth and napkins, which should look nice with the red and gold candles and bowls and things. There are some of the old ornaments that I’ve carried around with me for years: ornaments that Morgaine made in school, ones that my mother made for me, things that Phil and I have had for years. Plus the gold stars and red drums and other storebought ornaments that we put up every year. There has to be candles, as well, the lovely cinnamon, bayberry and pine scented ones. :)

I need to find my Christmas music, too. Aside from the aforementioned Venus Envy one, I always play The Chieftains: Bells of Dublin, and Loreena McKennett: To Drive the Cold Winter Away.

I’ll try to take another giant rat Christmas photo – hopefully without the consequences of the last one.

The stray cat who adopted us has settled in. Not that he actually lives with us, of course, due to Phil’s allergies – but he visits every night. At first he was very nervous about coming in, and it took a long time before he would relax enough to lie down in front of the fire. Now, though, he’s waiting for us when we get home, and is quite good at setting off the security light in the back garden – I swear he does it on purpose so we know he’s there. Not only will he lie in front of the fire in various undignified poses, he’ll actually get up on my lap and sleep there while I read. He also turns into the Amazing Velcro Cat when I try to put him out, holding on to the carpet for all he’s worth. He’s still quite nervous about people’s feet, though – he doesn’t like to be stroked with a foot or toe. That cat has been kicked a time or three. It’s nice to have a cat again, even if he only visits.

He was in front of the fire when one of the giant rats slipped in – they came nose to nose with each other, and he was completely still. Aja was still for a second, and then it obviously clicked that she was looking at a predator and she disappeared into the hall, the front room, and hid in her cage. I was standing in the doorway looking at the floor, and she literally moved so fast I didn’t see her run by my feet. lol…poor thing. The cat just had a “WTF?” expression.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Trees”

  1. I bet you wish you had a camera handy for the cat meets rat moment. Poor little cat – he probably likes being in a warm house rather than in the cold. Could you adopt him if you got an allergy filter hoover? We have one and my sneezing fits are far less frequent now.

  2. I think that disappearance would have been too fast to catch on film. :)

    I think that it would send Phil into asthma attacks, even if we got one of those Dysons. He’s terribly, terribly allergic and asthmatic, bad combination.

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