Christmas Season

I am really looking forward to my first English Christmas. I will miss my family a lot, but this is just so romantic. I’ve been buying ornaments and paper, and am awaiting the earliest day that we can set up a tree and decorate. We can sit on the sofa by the fire, watch the tree lights, and sip a hot toddy. :) :) :)

I wish that Morgaine could be here, though. I am missing her so much. I miss her as she was when she was a little girl, so sweet and loving – before she became permanently angry. Christmases were wonderful. *sigh*

Phil’s family hasn’t seen him for Christmas for years, since he was in the States, so it will be a good holiday for them. Plus, Lindsey is having a baby (soon)! You really need kids in the family to get the full Christmas experience. I don’t mean that in a commercial sense, either…more the expectation and joy in the season.

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