Choices, choices

BWL was a lot of fun, even though we had a shameful wipe on Firemaw. I’m glad that we all did it.

I’ve been looking at all my characters, consolidating and planning for WotLK and my Deathknight(s). I would like to go down to one account from the two that I presently have, but the thought of deleting even some low-level characters that I used to have fun on, and may want to play again makes me reconsider. How can I give them up?

Kitsune, my main – not an option, obviously

Ravven, ex-main – again, not an option

My wee priestie, who I may rename as Podkayne, just because it amuses me

Cat, my alchemist – will level enough for her professions only. I hated levelling a mage.

Ezrulie – I like my troll hunter more, but Ez will have a mount very soon – tough decision

My sexxy troll – but she’s exactly half Exrulie’s “age”

My 29 pvp twink rogue – hey, I might want to play her again…but probably not

Corvae, level 28…I always wanted a druid, but I find her boring to level

My level 22 bank alt warrior

Dravven, 21 – sigh, I’ll probably never level a shammy

Decisions, decisions…I’ll probably just keep feeding the Blizzard cash cow, in all honesty. The characters above are all like people to me, and how could I kill any of them off? I’m sad, I know…but still.


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