Children’s Week

Hmmn…the only way that I could make this post was to disable all virus protection. Either WordPress has changed, or Trend Micro has, but there’s nothing I can do to make them play well together. I would really, really hate to move this blog, or host it myself, and I’m a fanatic about security, so it’s a problem. Anyway, on to Children’s Week in Warcraft.

I’ve always loved this holiday. It should be quite twee, taking your little orphan around to show them the sites and buy them ice cream (“Wow, Kitsune, you’re the greatest!”) but it is actually written quite well – it’s fun. Although every year it reminds me of my favourite Scout Report episodes about torturing orphans.

002.cbcxThe new children’s week quests not only offer extremely cute pets, they are quite touching. I did them both, on my hunter and my warlock (which I’ve taken out of storage, dusted off, and am considering levelling). Screenies after the break.

chiweek1Awwww…who could resist?

chiweek2She’s being really nice right now, but I have a feeling that even a cute orphan shouldn’t risk pissing her off.

chiweek3Look what I can do! Look what I can do! (If that doesn’t ring a bell, click here for some creepy comedy moments from the past.)

chiweek4Awww…ok, you can come and live with me.  <3

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