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I was very depressed tonight, so I had a one of those “me” nights. I avoided both a raid night in Warcraft and having yet another ship blown to smithereens in EVE by not turning the computer on, pouring several large vodkas, opening the package of bakery chocolate chip cookies that I bought on the way home, and watching The Women. There’s nothing like a chick flick to make you feel better.  :)

The scene where Meg Ryan breaks up with her straying husband really made me laugh. There was no junk food in the house (well, everyone knows you have to have junk food at a time like that), so she grabbed a stick of butter out of the refrigerator, dunked it in cocoa powder, and then in sugar, and took a big bite. Rinse and repeat. Disgusting, but you know there are times when you would have done the same.

Best line of the movie?

“That man will never find anyone to treat him like I did! I can suck the nails out of a board!”

Coming from America’s eternal princess, the Girl Next Door, that was pretty funny.

You know, I really, really miss female friends. Doing what I do, I don’t actually meet any women – that I could be friends with, I mean. I’m several thousand miles away from my sisters and my cherished best friends, and working as I do in almost exclusively male environments, I just don’t meet any. I don’t have female friends to hang out with anymore, and that’s a lonely thing.

People that you are in a relationship with don’t serve the same function. Neither do men, even though they may be good friends – being a different species and all. There is nothing like your girl network to remind you who you are, and make you strong.

7 thoughts on “Chick Flicks”

  1. This is proven true by the fact that someone somewhere will willingly watch a Meg Ryan movie.

    Clearly, women are to blame for this.

  2. Awww, Ravven, log into Eve and just hang with us! We get the best girl chats going on in corp chat when there’s a few of us logged in. We don’t even have to undock! We can just uncork the wine, unwrap the chocolate, fill up the hot tub with bubble bath and spend a great evening just blabbing. Ya know, I am thinking we need a Slumber Party night once a month for Hellcats!

    I loved that line you quoted from that movie! Hee hee.

  3. @Binny – My mind filled in the rest of that sentence “to do laydee things with”. Perhaps you need to be a Little Britain fan. :D

    @Ty – awww, she’s just so sweet, and will be when she’s 90.

    @Mynxee – Yes, that would be awesome. Whenever I log in, everything is quiet and dead. We need more laydees! Doing laydee things! :)

  4. Meg is indeed sweet, but that much aw shucks wholesomeness makes me want to set my eyeballs on fire.

    Give me a Christina Ricci movie any day. I’ll take tart over sweet, thanks.


  5. lol – I’m sort of alive, just a bit stressed right now with work and long commutes. :) By the time I get home, I’m too fried to think about anything.

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