Chatsworth Horse Trials

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Yesterday Phil and I went to the Chatsworth Horse Trials, which was absolutely gorgeous. It’s interesting to see the riders in person whom you have only seen on TV or read about in magazines. We didn’t have a chance to see Pippa ride, but we watched William Fox-Pitt’s dressage test, saw Zara Phillips go cross-country, and watched a prune-faced Bettina Hoy march past us.

The venue was gorgeous, of course, as you would expect from one of the most beautiful estates in the country. This competition is notable for the number of sculptured-art fences which are quite amazing. The estate stretches for as far as you can see around you, gorgeous green rolling hills, trees, sheep grazing freely, pheasants strolling across the roads, and herds of deer.

The tradestands were drool-worthy, although the prices were high. I bought a pink-and-black cross-country shirt and matching polo shirt, and we also bought a bottle of a scotch liquer made with honey. There was gorgeous equestrian art, many many tack booths, tendy Joules clothing, Barbour, etc. Phil was impressed by all the girls who actually looked like the girls in jodpur ads in the catalog, all teensy-tiny bums and long hair, strolling around in jodpur boots and Joules gilets, talking into mobiles. lol…

We were seriously underdressed, not having the required fashion accessory of a small terrier on a lead. Seriously, I’ve never seen so many dogs, it was incredible. Everyone had a dog.

The horses were gorgeous, in a totally separate class from our plebian horses, of course. It was inspirational, however, to see Olympic-class riders closeup. I think everyone who went (most people from our yard did) felt very fired-up about their riding as they went home.

Gorgeous, gorgeous day.

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  1. One of these days I’ve got to get back there, eventing over here just isn’t what it is there, the land is made for it.

  2. All that old turf and soft, rolling hills…I just wish I had access to more of it. There’s a place nearby where you can pay to use their galloping tracks and cross-country course, and we want to go there and school. :)

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