Channelling Badger

Deep into the second day of inputting all of the changes from the copyedit, I was going through one scene and realised that I had totally channelled Badger from Firefly as one of the characters. I literally hear Badger’s voice in my head when I read the scene, as I probably did when I wrote it. How odd.



I also realised during the edit that there was a whole section where I used the names Tyler (one of the main characters) and Toby (a talking dog) interchangeably. Now that kind of shit is confusing. Aside from that? Not a massive amount of changes, as those will wait until I can get people to read it for me and provide some feedback. I use too many damn commas. Aside from that? At this point I still enjoy re-reading it, which is something.

Next come the illustrations. *panic mode commences*

2 thoughts on “Channelling Badger”

  1. This is a good sign I think. The characters coming to life like that.

    I can’t wait to see this when you’re ready.

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