I’ve kept a personal blog for aeons, it seems.  Originally it was my chronicle of moving from the US to the UK, and a way of letting friends keep in touch.  I think I’ve outgrown that blog, for the most part…perhaps because I’ve settled here to such a great extent, or perhaps because I’ve had precious little to write about recently.  Over a year ago I embarked on a new project that, while challenging, was a bit like falling down a black hole, where my entire life was eaten up by the job.

Anyway, this blog is going to move more into some personal and professional areas.  It will be much less personal than my previous writing, since I’ve become tired of my personal life being so open…everything you ever write is always out there forever.  The cumulative effect over the years of goth phases and paganism and rocky emotional states and unusual personal relationships is quite scary, when you look back on everything that you’ve written.

Who am I now?  Gaming is a large part of what I’m interested in, both as a personal passion and something that I am developing as part of a new 3D social networking/VLE/whatever platform.  I’m an ex-American hoping to become a British citizen.  I have a good relationship and a messy house filled with books and a giant African rat the size of a cat named Aja.  Someday I’ll be a mad old woman travelling obscure corners of the globe, trekking through Nepal and the Amazon…but that will be a new reincarnation.

For now?  I’m exploring obscure corners of virtual worlds.  :)

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