I do a lot of walking during my lunch, exploring the town where I now work. As I posted previously, there are wonderful bookshops and other small shops, along with a bustling town marketplace…but there are holes in the fabric of the town centre, where empty shops look like gaps in bad teeth. The health of the economy is reflected in the face of the town, as shop after shop close.

One of the casualties, I just discovered, was the wonderful old bookshop. I actually walked past the place where it had been just a few weeks ago…and then turned around and looked again. It’s gone. Granted, as bookshops go, there are much better shopping experiences. But the world can’t be all Amazons and Crown Books, there have to be places where lovely old leather books with worn bindings can find new people to love them. It can’t be all eBay, can it?

I did make another discovery, which was a small bookshop which sold new books. But, contrary to the big chains, they had all books in the series that they carry. And classics – they may only sell one every now and then, but they carry all the books that you should read. The children’s book section was a marvel, and I could have spent a fortune if I had a fortune to spend…but not at new prices, not now.

“Ooh, the sequel to Inkheart…a lovely copy of The Neverending Story…I’ve never heard of that author, but the books seem really interesting, and they have the whole series, not just the latest one…”


If I had the money, my house would look like a library. Actually, it already does.  :)

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