Changeling Babies

The other day Phil and I were in line at the video store, waiting to rent our choice for the night. The person browsing titles to the left of us had the ugliest baby I think I have ever seen goggling over his shoulder: wide frog’s mouth, big pop eyes, intense expression. It looked like a changeling left in the night by an unseelie fairy, squat and round, thinking obviously evil thoughts.

Babies are supposed to always be cute…but they’re really not in many cases. Puppies and kittens are always cute, so why aren’t new people? Think about it – how many times has a friend or co-worker brought their baby in to show off, you look into the blanket cocoon, and you first thought is “Damn, that is one scary looking baby! It looks like a pissed-off, boiled frog!” You quickly school your face to not show your horror and revulsion and you quickly say something weak and complimentary, but really…the mother has to know on some subliminal level what you really think.

Or maybe she doesn’t…perhaps the mother hormones smother her judgment and make her think that this is the most gorgeous baby ever. I don’t know. (I’m different, of course, having had a truly beautiful daughter. I swear, she was! Everyone said so. lol…)

Anyway, that was my thought for the day: ugly goblin babies.

5 thoughts on “Changeling Babies”

  1. I find few infant humans cute, for the same reason, they do look like changelings most of the time, with misshapen bald heads. Once older, they begin to look human.

  2. Oh I’ve seena LOT of ugly babies.. you just shake your head sometimes…

    Now I have seen some stunning babies.. none of them have been mine sadly but they were pretty none the less…

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