Champions Online Character Creation

Thanks to a kind friend, I got to play around a bit with Champions Online last night. A bit of playing – normal MMO questing, as one would expect. But mainly character creation. As I’ve written about before, I love very customisable characters, and I’ll create endless alts as I use it as kind of a very high-tech paper doll creator. Hey, I’m a girlie girl, what can I say?  :)

Enter Kitsune Tsuki, anime furry extraordinaire. You can’t see her massive tail in this shot, but she’s like J-Lo with a huge foxes tail. :)  Body shape, armour, colours, everything is very customisable and fun. The face is less so, but it isn’t needed because of the cell-shaded artwork, you just don’t have the resolution to need it.

And the artwork is wonderful – you honestly do get the feeling of being inside a comic book, very nicely done. Overall, it was a lot of fun. Would I pay for a subscription?  No. But being able to peek in was quite nice.


Kitsune Tsuki, Rescuer of Kittens, Scourge of Bad Guys, Defender of Citizens…and Furriness

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