Had some fun this morning writing the Unseelie masquerade ball scene for my #NaNoWriMo project, and managed to bring my total so far up to about 26 1/2 thousand words. Halfway there, hurrah! For reference material, I had looked up scenes from two of my favourite movies, Labyrinth and The Company of Wolves. Labyrinth for

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Day Two

Sidetracked today. I got up early, did just under 2k, and then went to do end-of-season gardening for Phil’s grandparents. They have a big garden. Big. I am sooo tired right now. On a side note, nettles are evil and need to die by fire. His grandparents are lovely, though, so it’s all worth it.

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And We’re Off!

Big sigh of relief. I woke at 5:45 am this morning, went downstairs, fed the cats (which were all sitting around their dishes pointing their paws at their mouths like Simon’s Cat) and made breakfast. I normally don’t have anything other than cereal and coffee in the mornings, as proper food makes me feel ill,

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Panic Time

Firstly, I have to say that I have been jonesing like hell for gaming, and I haven’t done anything since my Warcraft account was cancelled. When you spend a portion of every evening and weekend doing something, the loss of that something leaves a gap. Even if (since I went casual and haven’t raided in

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