I Am A Crisis

I’ve always loved this commercial for the British Red Cross. Eerie, poignant and very unsettling, the soft-spoken hoodie girl and her dog raise the hairs on the back of my neck every time I see the ad.     She would make a wonderful character in a book. There may already be a book or […]

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Long Time Coming

I come by my love of reading honestly, as when I was a kid my parents read to me all the time. Both of my parents were passionate readers and throughout my life my father and I shared a love of certain books and authors. The Travis McGee novels and Dick Francis were shared passions,

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Wild Hunt

Walk with me through owl-sung tattered woods, moonbright, thorndark, sleaved with dancing rootless spells that wing twixt shadow & shadow above the bloodless pale stones sleeping like enchanted children beneath rent, mossy blankets Sing the wolfsong, rant widdershins through a forest out of time, behind the Moon, cobbled from snips of story fireside-chanted & wisps

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