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    Mea Culpa

    If you raid with a hunter, you’ve probably had the opportunity to fuck up in a very dramatic and spectacular fashion (unless you were very lucky, or very good). Last night was my chance. Oh, sure, other classes can and do wipe groups, but rarely in such a glaringly obvious way as a hunter who has experienced the “wall bug” – one of the funniest memories of pre-TBC raiding involves Miz’s pet, rather than being put on “Stay”, going racing off by itself down a hallway to pull Firemaw in BWL. I’ll never forget our guild leader yelling “Where the FUCK is that pet going!!!” just prior to the wipe…so funny as long as it doesn’t happen to you.

    Anyway, my time to shine was last night, on simple misdirection pulls in BT, on Gurtogg Bloodboil. On the first one, I had managed to body-pull him from the water area on the left; I hadn’t realised how wide his aggro range was. This threw me into a total panic since I was 1) still on trial, and 2) the person in the guild who has always made it his mission to make me miserable was in the raid. This is a rogue officer who was partially responsible for me leaving the guild in the first place – I just couldn’t take the constant whispers. I knew that he was going to start in, and I fell apart.

    And on the next pull, I was so shaken that I totally didn’t realise that my misdirection macro wasn’t working – I hadn’t keybound it after messing around with my UI. I pulled him again, and fell apart. I did it manually after that, and it was fine – but I was in pieces.

    Not a fun night at all, but a learning experience I suppose. When we are afraid of screwing up sometimes we manage to bring about the very thing that we dread.

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    I seem to be doing that a lot lately, I certainly must stop.  :)

    As I posted, I didn’t bother doing the usual first-kill screenshot of Illidan last night because I really didn’t feel a part of it. They’ve killed him before, and even though we wiped a couple of times last night, it was pretty much a sure thing. They had their first kill, and all of the work leading up to that moment, while I was gone…it wasn’t my accomplishment.

    I really dislike people who leave lower-level guilds to join high-end guilds who have everything on farm. It’s an empty accomplishment, to be carried along by people who have earned the right to get there. It wasn’t why I came back to the guild, but I can’t help feeling a bit guilty and a bit meh.  Plus, even though I came back to play with old friends, the guild has changed. A lot of the same people are there, the lovely GM is still in place, the same assholes (tbh) are still there…but all interaction seems to be centred around the job at hand. They don’t socialise anymore, no one posts anything but holiday notices on the forums. I played most of one day this weekend without anyone saying anything in guildchat at all. It’s like they dropped all of the inessential things like joking and chitchat in order to re-form themselves into this hardcore raiding guild.

    *sigh*  See?  I’m doing it again!  :P

    Not much else to post about, since I seem to be suffering from those “monday morning after a week of vacation” blues. It’s hot, and after going through all of my mail, there wasn’t a lot that needed doing. I hate being bored at work.  Being bored means that there isn’t any new business, which means that we are still on very shaky ground.


    /slaps self

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    out of touch

    We had a very good week with my family, who had never been to England before. We ate tons of food, did the Old Trafford tour (the most boring tourguide in the world!), saw the Tower of London (the best/funniest/most sarcastic tour guide EVER), British Museum (my neice took tons of flak for not knowing what the Rosetta Stone was) and we all learned that there are 532 stairs in the Tower/Ramparts walk at Warwick Castle…I still feel it in my thighs, and my knees are totally shot. A very good time.

    Yesterday we were recovering, taking it easy, and making sure all our characters were still there. It was funny…when I take time off, I get out of step. The grind of dailies and so on seems boring, but then I gradually get back into step.

    Ezrulie became a Chicken Rider – my first Horde mount!

    And I remembered how much fun PVP could be.

    In my boredom, I:

    1. Downloaded Eve Online and tried it. It was beautiful, but I’m not much of a theorycrafter and think I might fail there. Plus, the thought of being totally wiped out and having to start over again leaves me cold.

    2. Patched AoC…and didn’t go back because I haven’t been on in ages and I’m in a guild. Yeah, I’m weird that way. Thought about creating another new character, but couldn’t bear the thought of Tortage again.

    3. Started to download Requiem: Bloodymare, but was looking at screenshots while it was downloading, didn’t like them, so I cancelled the download.

    I think part of my ennui has to do with all of the recent WotLK news. Damn it, I want a beta key. Death Knights sound awesome, and I can’t wait to experience the hunter changes and new pets first-hand; there are a lot of exciting things in the expansion for hunters. It makes me even more bored with the current grind.

    Well, we’re off to go kayaking and have lunch, and then hopefully a raid tonight. My California family brought the sunshine with them, and it’s still here.  :)

    EDIT: Had to add this, as it really made me laugh:


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    on hiatus

    Well, we’re off to London early this morning to meet with my neice and friends, newly arrived last night from California. Her graduation present was a trip to the UK, so we’re going to spend a week sightseeing: British Museum, Tower of London, Warwick Castle, Chatsworth, and Old Trafford. In the rain, unfortunately.  :/

    I’ve been trying to keep up with the exciting news about the WotLK beta – mainly via Wow Insider and Mania’s Arcania. The hunter news is intriguing, and although it’s a bit early for theorycrafting, it will be interesting to see what that does to a raid hunter spec. I want news about new pets, as well!  Moths are…well, not very exciting, and the rest seem to be variations on old families. The as-yet-unconfirmed BM top talent is interesting, but it seems to be directed more at pet collectors rather than a talent which will enhance dps/raid viability. I’ll be looking forward to hear what the “exotic” pets are…although Devilsaurs have been mentioned.

    Have fun! I’ll be slogging through the rain and also introducing fellow Americans to some of the best things in the world: British bacon, lamb, full English brekkie, oatcakes, treacle pudding…mmmmmn.  :)

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    First New/Old Guild Run: Black Temple

    It was a whirlwind. We slashed through Naj’entus, Supremus, Shade of Akama, Gurtogg Bloodboil, Reliquary of Souls (which I’d never seen and only had a hazy idea of tactics), and finished with Teron Gorefiend (I didn’t have to face constructs! Yaay!). It was awesome. And when they posted web stats, I was third on damage overall. Very good night.

    I think I will have to sit tonight out, however – I have a shadow resistance cloak, but none of the other gear for Mother Sharaz, whom I believe requires a full set. My last guild was working hard on making cloaks for everyone, and I don’t think anyone had had the Hearts of Darkness to make any of the other gear.

    I was very happy when I logged off…I didn’t embarrass myself, didn’t do anything stupid, and did reasonably well on damage.  Also, everyone had fun – although we were moving at a fast clip with no breaks, everyone was joking and having fun all the way through.


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    Raiding as a second job

    Last night I rejoined my old guild. I was very glad to be back, but to be honest I’m quite nervous. Part of the reason why I left, aside from the database-driven account problems that no one at Blizzard wanted to fix for me, was their raid schedule. Five nights a week, hardcore raiding. It’s why they’re doing so well in terms of progression.

    In a way, I dread going back to that. No time to level alts except on weekends where I wasn’t doing anything else. Dailies every morning before work to pay for repairs, pots, flasks – all the expenses of raiding. No chance to say “I’m really burned out after work today, I don’t think I’ll play tonight”.

    Raiding at that level is actually a second job, but one that you do without pay. Yes, it’s awesome fun to see new bosses and know that your efforts as a team has accomplished something that most players will never see. It’s why I do it, I love the group dynamics and social bonds of raiding. But it is very much like having a second stressful job which I do every night.

    We’ll see how it goes.   :)

    When I was having my discussion with the hunter class leader last night, they were on one of their first attempts in Sunwell Plateau.

    “Hang on – boss.”

    (a minute or so goes by)

    “Ok, back – let’s talk while everyone is ressing.”

    Rinse and repeat, over and over…it sounds very, very tough.  *shivers*

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    I /gquit yesterday morning. I don’t know why I do these things, I get angry and react. But done is done.

    The problem was raid spots in the guild. Recently, we’ve been going through a summer lull, which has been nice since I always get into raids. But we have four hunters who sign up for pretty much every raid, some less regular ones, and also hunters from the guild that we raid with (we need to allow them a certain number of spots). Recently we got two decent hunter apps on the site, and in guild discussion everyone pretty much said that yeah, they could be ok but our hunter class was oversubscribed.  Then I log on to find that *surprise* we suddenly have new hunters, and I quit.

    The problem that we have is that so much of the discussion happens in private channels. This was evidently a decision by our hunter leader, who was going to play less in the future due to changes in his job. (Which still leaves us with too many hunters, but no matter.)  I’ve made the same comment in relation to delays during raids which are unexplained, and I can only assume that tactics are being discussed in officer chat. But we’re not idiots that they have to tow behind them…the guild IS us. There is a hell of a lot of experience in that group, so why not discuss things in a raid channel? It frustrates me.

    I’ve applied to my old guild, who are currently sixth on the server in progression, higher than the guild that I just left. That’s actually a bad thing, since what I really love are learning new encounters and being there for first kills. But they’re all very nice, and I adore the GM, so hopefully they’ll forgive my not-quite-T6 gear and take me back.

    Some day I need to learn how to control my temper.  :(

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    Choices, choices

    BWL was a lot of fun, even though we had a shameful wipe on Firemaw. I’m glad that we all did it.

    I’ve been looking at all my characters, consolidating and planning for WotLK and my Deathknight(s). I would like to go down to one account from the two that I presently have, but the thought of deleting even some low-level characters that I used to have fun on, and may want to play again makes me reconsider. How can I give them up?

    Kitsune, my main – not an option, obviously

    Ravven, ex-main – again, not an option

    My wee priestie, who I may rename as Podkayne, just because it amuses me

    Cat, my alchemist – will level enough for her professions only. I hated levelling a mage.

    Ezrulie – I like my troll hunter more, but Ez will have a mount very soon – tough decision

    My sexxy troll – but she’s exactly half Exrulie’s “age”

    My 29 pvp twink rogue – hey, I might want to play her again…but probably not

    Corvae, level 28…I always wanted a druid, but I find her boring to level

    My level 22 bank alt warrior

    Dravven, 21 – sigh, I’ll probably never level a shammy

    Decisions, decisions…I’ll probably just keep feeding the Blizzard cash cow, in all honesty. The characters above are all like people to me, and how could I kill any of them off? I’m sad, I know…but still.

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    Revisiting the Past

    Tonight the guild is going on a fun run through Black Wing Lair. Many of the guild is not even attuned, as they weren’t playing pre-TBC. Imagine that! I’m going to dust Ravven off, my warlock, and take her for old times’ sake.

    I was hesitant to see BWL again, simply because it’s one of the raid instances that I’ve always loved. I would go as far as to say that I think it’s probably one of the best instances that Blizzard ever designed. I’ve no desire to see Naxx again (especially with the revamped version coming up) and I’d rather poke my eye with a sharp stick than ever see AQ40 again, which is hands-down my least favourite instance. I didn’t want to ruin my memories of BWL by waltzing through it with a bunch of 70s…all of that time, all of that work, made trivial by the raised level cap and better gear. It would make me sad.

    This afternoon, though, I started feeling a bit excited about it. I think it will be fun – going with a fun group of friends, seeing it through the eyes of people who have never seen it before. It will be great.  :)