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    Going Home Again

    While I have been working through a massive pile of work to do (a twelve hour day yesterday, I kid thee not), Phil has been on holiday. All. Summer. Long. He works for a school, so he just had six full weeks of holiday.

    I hate him, just a little bit. Hey, I kid, I kid…I think.

    Anyway, along with working through a long “Honey Do” list, he’s been doing a lot of gaming and one of those games has been Warcraft. We have old friends who have been playing with him after being away from the game for a long time, and me when I can. It’s been wonderful.

    Phil played Warcraft in beta over ten years ago; I didn’t play at launch, but probably began playing in 2005. I rolled a warlock (who I am still playing as a main today) and never looked back. This was the point where I truly became a real gamer. Oh, sure, I’d played before that, beginning with Quake and lan parties all the way to roleplay in Vampire the Masquerade, Mage, Changeling, etc. I was always a gamer, but Warcraft was the game in which I discovered a place to actually live in as a part of a band of adventurers, rather than a way to spend an evening. I watched the sun rise over the Barrens, hunted fabulous beasts to tame as my animal companions and stood shoulder-to-shoulder before Ragnaros and Nefarion.

    As the years went by there were newer, shinier games to experience, but none that I’ve loved as much as I did Warcraft, and wherever I go I will always have that memory of sitting on a small hill in the Barrens, watching dawn slowly creep over the grass plains as a herd of gazelle bound past. It will always feel like home.


    Vanilla Wow

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    Mah MONKEY

    Even though Hanuman is only level 67, I tried some tanking on him. Just baby steps, Headless Horseman and a normal BM. They both went fine, but he did die at the end of Black Morass. I had a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to tanking more instances with him.

    Oh, and Felmyst went down last night.  :/

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    Gorilladin and Firefly Fandom

    I’ve been having a lot of fun with new pets. So far I have a wasp that I’m levelling as a possible raiding pet named Serenity (of course), and a gorilladin for WotLK levelling who is a metric buttload of fun. We tried to solo Durn the Hungerer, but I couldn’t keep him alive – it was close, though.

    I’ve collected all of the vanity pets possible without buying the really expensive whelplings and so on in the AH, but I’m stuck at 39 out of the 50 needed for the achievement and the skunk pet. /hiss

    Kit, the new hairstyle, and her fireflys

    Hanuman, the AOE Tank

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    Well, we took Kalecgos down in just over three minutes, it was shocking. It felt like nothing, like doing a Kara run. Really, really disappointing.

    And then we went on to Brutallus, who we’ve been struggling with for weeks. I mean, it would have been a somewhat empty victory to take him down after the patch, but hey…I’d be glad to just get that bastard down. :) So, we’re all set for our first kill…and then the server went down.

    Blizz is laughing at us.

    PS:  When the server came back up, we one-shot him. It felt a bit empty. And then we went on to Felmyst, who kicked our butts. I felt better.  :D

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    Raiding, schmaiding…I want a skunk!

    I don’t know where I’ve been, but I just realised that there is a skunk pet to be acquired as an achievement for collecting 50 pets. Now, I’ve been a bit “meh” about achievements, since I really don’t see the point (especially since none of the pre-TBC bosses and accomplishments will be reflected. But I’m quite excited about the pet. The first time I saw skunks in Terrokar, I was in love, and said that they would be darling vanity pets. Yeah, shallow, I know.

    On a more serious note, I still have no real idea what spec I should take. I don’t think I’ll sacrifice the needed dps points in the MM tree just to have exotic pets (which really hurts me), so I’ll probably go with this. I don’t have anywhere near the agility to try survival, and mana issues which are bad now are expected to get worse, so I won’t go back to MM.

    As for pets, I think I’ll get a quick Underbog heroic run together and tame a 70 wasp for raiding, and also try a moth. For fun, I’d like to try tanking with either a gorilla or a bear (probably a diseased black bear just to be all ick and nasty and everything).

    And I’m going to play with Kit’s hair.  :)  I think it will stay white, because it suits her, but I’d like to try that dwarf braid down the back – that looks like a no-nonsense hairstyle for a hunter. Kitsune is a no-nonsense kind of girl.

    We’re supposed to be raiding tonight, but given the problems in the States, I don’t see any way we’ll all be patched and ready by raid time. Addons are going to be interesting, although I’ve downloaded most of the updates for essentials: CT Mod, Bartender 4, Recount, BigWigs, FuBar. Fingers crossed that everything works. But I’ve patched and am hopefully ready for tonight…and am really excited.  :)

    We didn’t get Brutallus down last night, which is a shame – it would have been very nice to do it before the patch. However, judging by the early reports, we should be able to get through a lot of Sunwell prior to the expansion, along with a lot of other guilds. Disappointing, but at least we’ll be able to see the content.

    All in all, hats off to Blizzard pulling off one of the largest patches in MMO history.

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    The Hand Dance

    I really had to laugh at the highlights from the BlizzCon Dance Contest – I tell you, those people have a hell of a lot more guts than I’ll ever have.  :)

    Click here for dance awesomeness

    When I first saw the undead female dance, I had to write my best friend from back in the States and tell her. “It’s us – it’s the goth hand dance!”  You know the one, if you’ve been to the right clubs – the swaying movement with sinuous hands and long red or black hair streaming over your face. It’s the hand dance. I’ve been there, and you’ve been there…admit it.  :D

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    Another night spent learning Brutallus last night, not focussing on dps so that the healers could work out a strategy for healing tanks and burn victims. Healing seems to be our main problem lately, which is a shame since we used to have awesome healers. I brought the Stupid Bird, a kaliri that I had levelled up for Screech only for Brutallus.

    Pathing in Sunwell has quite a few issues. Pet pathing is awful in many places, which makes it difficult for hunters. In the anteroom just prior to Kalecgos, where you take down the last robot patrol, my pet spends the first part of the fight just running back and forth before he can finally hit the mob. You see patrols doing the same thing, a back-and-forth run for several seconds before they can finally take their assigned path. And on Brutallus, which is a fairly even groundspace, it is quite difficult to send a hunter pet in to attack. The best way that I found of doing is was to misdirect, do the pull, and almost immediately send him in before I get back to my area for the fight. If I wait, he’ll just flap by my side. I have no idea what is involved in pathing in a game, but judging by the problems with Sunwell and also the recent issues in Warhammer, it’s evidently quite complex.

    I found an article this morning regarding a new steampunk MMO in the works from Mindfuse: The World of Gatheryn. It’s still very early days, obviously, but I’m a huge fan of steampunk aesthetic, and this may prove interesting. The game will be directed at the casual market, which is fine, depending on the subscription model used. I could see this working as a microtransaction model, but not as a subscription-based one. Nonetheless, one to follow for the future.

    Since Vanguard is currently running a free trial, I decided to download and try it. The download was quick, which was good. I was able to play a little fox-person, which was cool (being able to play a rat-person was the only thing I thought was fun about my EQ2 experiment). The graphics were quite basic and dated-looking, and the UI didn’t have the polish that I would have expected from a fairly recent game. Granted this is all based on a few minutes spent running around the starting area after the raid last night, so it may all get much better later on. But at first glance? I’ve played free-to-play games with much more polish and visual richness than this. Meh.

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    Learning Brutallus

    Some quick screenshots from tonight, before bed.

    First, here’s one way to find a new guild:

    Second, a shot of the opening sequence when you first see Brutallus. It’s quite nicely done, with a bit of interplay between himself and the blue dragon Madrigosa, culminating in him smashing the glass that you are standing behind. A nice bit of theatre.

    And some video, from YouTube:

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    SO Embarrassing…

    Kit discovers the new “/fear” emote on the PTR.

    Mouth open in an O, cowering back, jazz hands waving by her head, this whole “feets don’t fail me now” thing…I was laughing so hard I had tears running down my face, and my sides hurt. Miz’ draenei didn’t look so bad, but the nelf animation is hilarious.

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    Kalecgos Down!

    After weeks and weeks of trying and wiping, of frustration and disappointment…our first Sunwell boss down. It feels so damn good.