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    Back to Moonglade

    I’m seriously thinking about moving Kit back to Moonglade, a European roleplaying server.  There’s a possible spot for her in a raiding and roleplay guild, which is difficult to find.  There are tons of rp guilds, of course, and several large raiding guilds.  But I would like both.

    Ravven will probably stay on Aggramar, at least for now.  I’d considered moving them both, but I would miss playing with Miz too much.  Ravven can get pickup groups without problem, although my usual luck with pugs is pretty bad.  If there’s an escaped mental patient out there, or a blind person who is trying to play by ear, or a little kid who’s mummy might pull him off the computer mid-raid, I’ll find them.  There are people in the old guild that I would welcome grouping with whenever possible, as I really miss them.  So it might be ok – Ravven will just be missing the cash that Kit brings in, as well as all the spelldamage food and so on.

    I’m nervous about transferring, though…I was so miserably lonely last time.  I’m just not good at meeting people and being really outgoing and social.

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    Cat’s Journal: Fishing. Yes, I Said Fishing

    I recently took up fishing, as it will help with my Alchemy. It’s actually less pathetic and boring than I would have thought, although I would sooner run naked through the streets of Stormwind before letting anyone actually see me doing it. (It’s just SO not me.)

    I can only handle it for so long, though…I wouldn’t mind if one could do other things while fishing, but that single-minded watching of the bobber in the water starts to make me lose my will to live after about ten fish.

    I refuse to wear fishing gear, though…it’s glam or nothing for this girl. If nothing else, I can blind them with the bling of my brilliance, then catch them. :P

    A good fishing resource is Fishin’ Ain’t for Wimps, at Frostbolt.

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    Kitsune’s Journal: Battlegrounds

    I’ve been releasing anger on the battlegrounds. At the end of it, covered in blood and exhausted, I can finally find peace…for a while. I suppose, given what my life has been, I can’t be faulted for being filled with anger, but I don’t want to live that way.

    Please, Elune, grant me peace. Let me find acceptance in my soul, if not forgiveness, and let me move on.

    Last night I went to my small rented room in the dwarf city, dropped my mail and weapons, and sank into a chair by the window with a glass of that very potent dwarven spirit (they do alcohol quite well, give them credit for that). I stroked Ennui gently, scratching behind the ears in that spot that he loves, and tried to clear my mind. It was hours, and almost a full bottle, before I could finally sleep.

    I can’t give it up yet…when I think about all of the wasted years, I am filled with anger and bloodlust. I want to kill every Orc that I see, I want to kill and kill, to bathe myself in blood until I finally have had enough.

    I was just a girl. I had a life, and I had someone who loved me. And then it was all torn away. And I can’t let that go.

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    Kitsune’s Journal: Mending the Circle

    Kitsune rose from her fur-covered camp bed, attempting to not disturb the smaller animals who were curled sleeping in the warmth. Not wanting to disturb the silence, she decided against building up the fire, and walked to the door. Ennui, her black armoured boar followed her, ever her constant companion.

    The mist was just clearing as the sun rose behind the trees, edging the silver leaves with the palest gold. The woods were still silent, as though the whole world was holding its breath in anticipation of the dawn.

    Kit silently paced to the rock in the clearing and knelt, clearing her mind and opening herself to the wakening world; Ennui stood behind her, his wise old eyes watching the brightening wood.

    Morning meditation finished, she remained on her knees, still deep in thought. It had been difficult to still her mind this morning, and the peace of the woods didn’t fill her as it normally did. There was something missing, something that had been on her mind over past weeks as she hunted through the woods that she knew so well.

    It was time to go back. She had been alone for too long, and it was time to rejoin the world of elves and humans. She would try to forget the scars that her long captivity had left, try to find forgiveness, and try to find a home among her kin again…if any of them still existed.

    She would find her daughter, her child born of terror and pain. She would mend the circle.

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    AQ40: Learning Experiences

    The guild finally set foot in AQ40, just to “have a peek”. We swept through the first boss, had lots of fun, hit the trio of Vem, Yauj, and Kri, got our asses kicked, and decided to bypass them for a bit until we have better NR gear, and then all met for another try the next day.

    So, last night we all met Battleguard Sartura, and died and died and died. Meeting new bosses is interesting, if expensive, as the guild figures out the best strategy to defeat each boss. As a warlock, I learned that (since these bosses don’t hold aggro and aren’t easily tanked) you shouldn’t DoT them thinking that they’ll mostly ignore it. *certain death* Shadow bolts are the way to go, leading only mostly to *certain death*. We tried putting all locks on the boss and spamming Searing Pain and Curse of Agony on her, hoping to ping-pong her back and forth between us. I couldn’t actually tell if that was going to work, because it was too hard to stay out of the way of loose adds, encounters that lead to *certain death*.

    All in all, it was fun – much better than learning how to take Nefarian, with that godawful long respawn time. That fight is no damn fun. Plus, I can’t wait to get my elite bug mount!

    I’ve been having fun on Moonglade, the RP server, and have applied to a guild for membership. I will need an in-character interview (!!!) before they decide if they’ll take me on or not. It may be silly, but I’m quite nervous…especially since I haven’t the faintest idea about accepted Warcraft lore and timelines, and am bound to piss someone off.

    Well, back to the mines…

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    New Server

    Both accounts transferred over amazingly quickly, and with no problems – I was very surprised. And so, last night after I got home from work, I logged in a found myself all alone in a strange place. As I said in the linked post, it was a very weird feeling, like being the new kid in school: you want to make friends, but you want to be careful to make the right ones, to get in with the right group. lol…

    Not much interest yet in forming an all-girls guild. I may end up joining on of the existing guilds, if I can find one that does both endgame raiding and roleplay. The server itself is nice, no serious lag problems yet, and the chat was amazingly restrained (probably because it is heavily policed by roleplayers.

    We’ll see what happens this weekend.