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    Lucille Bogan

    This ain’t you’re grandparents’ music…oh, wait, it just might be. :)

    Warning: this song is extremely NSFW, despite its 1935 date. It is raunchy and rather wonderful American honky-tonk blues. I can just picture the after-hours club, the soft red light, and the delicious wickedness of it all.

    1935…can you believe it?

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    Nice Kit

    I positively drooled on my desk this morning when I saw this video. I don’t really need it, as I only play at home…but it’s just so freakin cool that I want one immediately. I love the LCD keyboard which can switch between UI and keyboard for chat. Such a gorgeous, gorgeous thing.

    Some of the other gorgeous kit that I lust after in my sweaty little geek’s heart is:

    The iPad. I’m not an Apple person. I admit that they make pretty, mainly problem-free products, but I have this kind of stupid geek pride that I work with Windows machines and am forced to be technical enough to get all grubby in the depths of the sometimes fragile, usually infuriating operating system. I’m not a ponytail. But still…but still…god, I want an iPad. Just because it’s beautiful. I have no reason whatsoever to have one, but I want one all the same.

    The second object of desire is the Wacom Cintiq 21UX. I have to have this, as soon as I taken on a freelance project that will pay for it. It’s very, very expensive. But I need one, I can’t start one of my big projects without one. I have one of the older Wacom tablets, of course, but I’ve always had a disconnect with trying to draw on the tablet while watching the PC screen. It disrupts the flow.

    It will be mine. Oh, yes, it will be mine.

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    Random: Good Things, Bad Things

    Currently experiencing a mix of good things and bad things…

    Good: Autumn is here. I love this time of year; the weather is crispy, the leaves are turning, and Halloweeen is one of my favourite holidays. I have very fond memories of Halloweens in West Hollywood, when I lived in Los Angeles (click for a recent slideshow, it seems to have been turned into a proper carnival).
    Bad: We generally don’t go out here for Halloween. Must find something to do! On the bright side, Bonfire Night is coming up.

    Good: I have been laughing all morning at a story my best friend back home posted about her five-year-old son teaching himself to swear. It evidently takes a lot of effort, as he has to squinch his face up, ball his hands into fists, and then shout “RATBALLS!” lol…that is my new favourite word. I wil have to walk around all day saying RATBALLS at every opportunity.
    Bad: Her foster daughter just killed herself by self-inflicted gunshot wound. I ache for them.

    Good: My sisters and I had been scrambling around trying to get bloodtyped to see if we could be possible donors for my father, who was on the verge of total kidney failure, possibly kidney disease. It turned out that the tubes that lead from the bladder to the kidneys were completely blocked, and the doctor was able to clear them.
    Bad: The scans show growths in his bladder and one kidney, probably malignant. We won’t know until the biopsy comes back, but they’re advocating that he start chemo immediately.

    Good: I have a week of holiday coming up.
    Bad: I’m going to be working non-stop on several projects. Or maybe that’s also the good part, I don’t know.

    Good: The fabulous sunrise in the image below (this was taken with a mobile and doesn’t do it justice).
    Bad: The fact that I was on my way to work before sunrise.

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    I Want Pandora

    Most people who are hardcore MMO players have wondered at some point or another what it would be like to disappear into a virtual world…and if the tradeoffs would be worth it. For most games, I would say no. (You’d never get the blood out from under your fingernails, for one thing!) There are books, though, that I would happily disappear into without a backward glance. And now, I’ve added a movie: Avatar.

    I admit that I was late to the party – we just watched it on BluRay last night for the first time. And (story weaknesses aside) I have to say that it is hands-down the most gorgeous movie I have ever seen. The bioluminescent scenes were stunning, the CGI was more fluid and natural than most real actors. So very, very beautiful.

    Would I disappear into Pandora if I could? In a heartbeat. Even if I knew that my body was withering away in a lifesupport pod somewhere. Hell, yeah.