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    Blogging Platforms, Spam and Ease of Use

    There was a recent post which made me laugh, What Does Your Blogging Platform Say About Your Personal Brand? It was cruel but funny, like all of the things which seem to make me laugh. Hey, I’d like to be a better person if it didn’t take so much damn work.

    The post that you are reading is brought to you courtesy of Blogger, which is currently really pissing me off. Laurel Cremant, author of How to Kill Your Immortal, wrote a wonderful post that I very much wanted to respond to and thank her for (she was a dream to work with, by the way), but every comment I’ve left just disappears into the aether. I haven’t been able to comment on posts on The Salamader’s Quill for a long time. Same thing, everything just disappears without an error message.

    I’ve used my share of early, problematic blogging platforms. The very earliest incarnation of this blog used Grey Matter, which saved posts as flat files. I lost almost everything to corrupted data, and then I moved to Livejournal. Hey, at one point most of us had blogs on Livejournal – I had some very good LJ friends whom I miss to this day. Next step was WordPress.com, a huge step up towards having a more open, and more standards-compliant, blog. This blog is self-hosted, using WordPress.

    WordPress is the most flexible, feature-rich content platform out there. In my last position at a digital media company we built all non-ecommerce sites in WordPress due to its user-friendliness, standards compliance and clean code, and the wealth of free plugins that exist. I would recommend it to anyone without reservation.

    CAPTCHA-guarded comment systems are another thing which really irritates me on blogs, along with the Blogger requirement of posting with credentials to another account. I don’t want to post comments under my ancient LJ or wordpress.com site, thank you very much. Those blogs are still out there, but I don’t want to send any traffic their way. I just want to comment with a minimum of hassle. All it takes is a WordPress site with an Akismet plugin. It’s free, and it works like a champ to block spam comments. I get roughly 30-50 spam comments per day on my blog (oh, if I only got that many real comments!) and Akismet catches almost all of them. Once or twice a month it may let one slip through, and I manually block and delete them. Problem solved.

    Keep it easy, and clean, and friendly for everyone. Use WordPress, use Akismet, and put those old, outdated platforms behind us.


    Some spammers have a sense of irony: “Do you have a spam problem on this website; I also am a blogger, and I was wanting to know your situation; we have developed some nice practices and we are looking to exchange solutions with others, why not shoot me an email if interested.” from Christian Louboutin Miss Clichy 140mm Pumps Red


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    On a side note, can I say that I can’t wait for this? Look at that face! Look at all that lovely red hair! Loving the trailers that I’ve seen so far.


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    Phil just sent me this from the Pajiba forums (no idea where it was, as he emailed it to me):


    I say this in all seriousness and without even a hint of wacky jokiness or irony: you are the world’s worst human being. If someone brought Hitler back from the dead with the necronomicon, built rusty steam-punk weaponry into his face and set him loose upon the world, I would still choose to murder you in your infancy over him. I hope someone forcibly violates your mouth-hole with a rusty plumbers wrench covered in Icy Hot no-mess vapor gel until you wretch your fetid, ugly soul onto your computer monitor, short-circuiting the whole mess and thereby granting it artificial inteligence and magic electricity powers to wreck havoc on your shitty, godless life. You putrescent liberal. You’ll never be the man your mother is.


    I’m still laughing over the line “you’ll never be the man your mother is.” I have to save that and use it in game sometime. :)

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    Site Redesign

    I’ve been thinking about redesigning this site. As in the old saying about the cobbler’s children being the worse shod, it’s always taken a backseat to everything else. I think this design was done in a weekend, and stayed that way since…broken layout and all. I just couldn’t think about doing more web work in my free time, even for myself. It irritates me, though.

    I also need to balance the blog and the artwork more. Rather than have a separate art site, I would like to have my portfolio here, so I need to split the balance between the blog and the art. (I keep getting asked for links to my art site, and no one seems satisfied with my deviantART portfolio.)

    Maybe this weekend. Maybe not…at the thought of redoing it I seem to be filled with a deep sense of lassitude and boredom. I am such a slacker.

    funny pictures of cats with captions

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    The Anachronism

    Absolutely gorgeous steampunk movie about two children who find a traveller on the beach.

    The Anachronism (Full Film) from Anachronism Pictures on Vimeo.

    The Anachronism is an award-wining Steampunk short about two children who discover the wreck of a giant squid submarine on a beach near their home.

    “A Beautiful Steampunk Vision comes to life” – QUIET EARTH

    “The Anachronism is more than worth the 15 minutes you need to set aside to watch it.” – GIZMODO

    “We want to live in this Robot Squid Submarine” – IO9

    “As haunting as it is beautiful.” – THE DAILY GUMBOOT

    “Very wonderfully designed.” – MAKING THE MOVIE

    Visit www.theanachronism.com for more information (Under Construction)

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    Twitter Haiku from the Darkside

    I just found a new Twitter toy, This Can Be My Next Tweet. Put your twitter name in, and it grabs words from your feed, mashes them up, and presents them as a tweet. Sometimes they are quite surreal.

    Read! No, cake! :D Died a lot of advertising that sells used ladies’ undies. Life is strange.

    I really don’t remember writing about used ladies’ undies…life is strange, indeed.