low tech

This is where I work. On my desk is a pad of lined paper and every week I write down what everyone on the team is doing, which projects have priority. As things are completed, they’re crossed off. If I have too much for a single page, that’s too much for the week, and things …

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Meh. Just…meh.

I feel really depressed today.  It’s one of those days where nothing specific has happened, no disaster, but you still feel dull, sad and grey. Lots of guild drama this weekend over fractures in the guild caused by the 70/not 70 rift.  The inner-circle of level 70 people are raiding together, not telling anyone else, …

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Snow Day

We’re only working a half day today because of the snow – the rest of the day we will “work from home”.  (Quotes because if any of us do any work, I’d fall over dead with a heart attack.)  Hurrah for snow days! It does look gorgeous outside, all silvery and full of feathery snow …

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Community As Game, II

Had an interesting presentation in London yesterday with a large charitable organisation interested in a partnership.  They asked quite a lot of questions regarding our game concept (per a previous post, regarding applying MMORPG design and functionality to a social networking site in order to make it fun and engaging).  It’s encouraging to see this …

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Looking Back

In retrospect, it wasn’t entirely a bad year: On the work front, I left a job that I hated last Christmas and in January found a new one as Project Manager for a social networking startup, which was both new and very promising.  There was an enormous amount of stress involved in the development of …

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I think it’s important to make resolutions, even if they are rarely kept.  The new year gives us the opportunity to reflect on what we’ve done, and (more importantly) everything that we haven’t done, and try to make some changes for the better.  That said, here are my New Year Resolutions…which are probably the same …

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This is the first entry on the new blog system. I’ve decided to make the transition from Livejournal so that I can have a more open system, one that is not locked to a particular membership. Best wishes to you all in 2007 – let’s hope that it’s a MUCH better year!

Pure Evil

Since we had to stay home and wait for the plumber to bring a part over which would hopefully fix the boiler and give us hot water and heating (no luck – try again tomorrow), I did some levelling on my rogue, and then went to work Lizzie, who has led a life of leisure …

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Horde Guild

My baby rogue joined a Horde guild tonight, the feeder (under 50s) guild for a low-level raiding guild (ZG and AQ20). Everyone seems ok so far. Otherwise? Absolutely shattered from work. I know that I’m posting here because I was sick of keeping a personal journal when I felt so stressed and negative, but it’s …

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