Phil and I have been arguing. Naturally enough, I suppose, given the circumstances; a wedding would be stress enough for most people, but add a move to another country and you have *major* stress levels. One of the main problems, I suppose, is that I am having a difficult time trusting him. Last fall, when

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Dreaming of Chapels

There is a cool property for rent, affordable, but unfortunately NOT in a town anywhere close to someplace that I could find work. It’s a converted chapel, with gorgeous arched windows and hardwood floors. From the estate agent’s site: Communal entrance hallway, staircase leading to door to entrance lobby, with staircase to galleried landing with

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Pet Peeves

*yawn* I’m just trying to make it through the week. A lot of the work that I do here is content-related rather than design-related, and very boring. When it comes to doing web landing pages every week, cutting and pasting text, product links, etc…well, to be honest, a monkey could do my job at times.

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Bruised, on Monday

We played paintball this weekend. I’ve found that I really enjoy it – somewhat surprising, considering that I spend most of my time at the computer or reading. I miss fencing a great deal, though, and perhaps this fills the need for sheer animal physicality and a release of aggression. Phil set up a paintball

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