*Blows The Dust Off*

Well, let’s see if this poor abandoned blog still works. :) Wow, this feels so retro. As all of my projects do, let’s start with a traditional To Do list. Just an example of the really high quality content you can expect here, folks! Yeah, this is going to go really well.

It’s All Gone Wrong

Well, hopefully not totally, but I did manage to jump the gun a bit on designing a new site. So we’re going live with no proper template, rather like finding oneself in class with neither pants nor the required homework. :) Check back tomorrow for a less pants-free experience.


Well, this month just flew by. I spent a lot of it feeling rather rubbish, with my insides trying to superglue themselves into new and unfavourable configurations everytime I tried to sit at a desk and work. One month on, however, and I am starting to feel a lot better. I did my taxes finally, …

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