I’ll appreciate the extra light at night, after the time change, but it seems awfully early this morning. This weekend I went up two levels, and now I have just a bit to go to reach 35. Then another five levels, and I can have my felsteed! No more running and running and running. I […]

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Terminally Sad

Guess what I’m spending ALL Sunday doing? yes, I’m terminally sad. On the other hand, take a look at this. It’s quite long (20 minutes), but gorgeously shot, edited and voiced – as Phil pointed out, the main guy who created this has a job waiting for him somewhere, just for the asking. Parts are

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Virtual Tourism

I know *s* I’ve mentioned how much I’ve enjoyed gaming recently. Part of what I enjoy, aside from the challenge of levelling up a character, is just the gorgeous scenery. All of the areas in Warcraft are different, and intricately detailed. I’ve spent ages just sightseeing, looking at the scenery and exploring. Today I was

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My warlock made level 24, and I started a Night Elf Druid who is just a level 5 right now. I joined a guild, Silver Sirens, an all-girl guild. I had wanted to join the same guild as Miz, but…well, I wasn’t asked. :( Too weenie and low-level yet. Tired now, and am going to

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Teh Sexxy

I finally made level 20 in Warcraft, and I got my succubus. She’s sex on little pointy hooves, and it’s quite amusing setting her on various creatures and watching her whip them to death. Even cute bunnies…I suppose that’s a bit sick. When she’s standing still, she poses, and will occasionally reach back, slap herself

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Well, this blog is about to go through it’s nth incarnation as my WOW blog. ;) At present, I have a human warlock at level 16…we’re working our way up the levels verrrry slooooowly. I have no sense of direction, get lost easily in rl as well as in game, and can’t find my ass

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