WOW Reading

Interesting post today at Terra Nova, Shifting Social Tides. I’ve been fascinated by online/offline, virtual persona/real life interaction. Most of my life is lived online, outside of the horses and work: I communicate with my family and friends back home via email and blogs, I met my husband online, I’ve met very close friends online …

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Eonar Update

I’ve been enjoying the new realm a LOT. The reasons why I decided to roll a character on a completely new server have all proved valid: people would be friendlier if they were new to the game and not already locked into friends and guilds and level 60 characters. Most of the time I’ve played, …

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Meet Ravven, V2

I made a new character, again named Ravven, on a realm with some room, in hopes of seeing more lower level guilds and possibly getting some people that I know on – impossible on Aggramar, which is full. She’s a night elf hunter (yeah, I know – the stereotype). I’ve never played a hunter before, …

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This is probably really childish, but for some reason it really amuses me, on a long sea voyage, if there’s no one around… …to jump on the Captain’s bed. :)

Razorfen Downs

Did the RFD instance with several guild members, and Miz (which was interesting since she evidently has history with some of my guildmates who used to belong to her guild and left with much bad feeling). It was a lot of fun, especially since I rarely play with anyone in a group – I solo …

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