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    Quick Catch Up

    The days just fall one into the next, don’t they?

    Work has been busy, as always – not being ungrateful (quite the opposite), just a bit frazzled. The weather has been as unfriendly as it always is in February in England, but today was an absolutely gorgeous day and I really should have gone out for a walk. Tomorrow, I promise myself.

    As I always do. :)

    Other than that, we’ve been doing some gaming with the release of Anthem and quite enjoying it. I think I’m looking forward to The Division 2 more, but this is a great game for the four of us to jump in and play. I’ve been exclusively playing Interceptor, which is very fast and flashy and fun – rather like a rogue archetype except without stealth. Jump in, cause havoc, jump away. The only drawback to this is the screen-filling flame effects caused by colossi (colossusses?) on our team with flamethrowers…the world is on fire and I can’t tell right from left.

    I do have a very flashy paintjob currently, though – quite happy with this one.

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    The Art of Personal Writing

    I’ve had this blog, in one form or another going back to the days of my Greymatter-powered blog, since very early 2002. I remember that because I started it before I got married and moved to the UK as a way of documenting everything both confusing and wonderful along the way. I used to write in it religiously, sometimes several posts a day, and now a month can go by before I post anything. It’s the curse of our times, our communication becomes constant and shallow, updates rather than deep thoughts.

    I know, I sound like an old fart. I am, I admit it…and get offa my goddamned lawn.

    Anyway, one of the things that I loved, especially since I discovered MMOs with the advent of Vanilla Warcraft, was gaming blogs. Raiding was hard, gearscore and min-maxing didn’t exist yet (at least in the sense that it does now) and every bit of advice or help or commiseration was appreciated. We shared a love of something wonderful, of challenges overcome with a team of likeminded folks in fantastically faraway lands. I miss those days.

    If you do as well, or if you’ve never tried your hand at blogging before, Belghast of Tales of the Aggronaut has a wonderful thing in August. Learn more here.

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    Destiny 2: So. Much. Fun.

    We spent a lot of the weekend playing Destiny 2, and after finishing the initial storyline and reaching level cap I have to admit that I really, really loved it. Not being much of a console player, I didn’t play the first one so I admit that I didn’t expect to love this as much as I did.

    The game is gorgeous, and it’s a shame that you have to use third-party software to take screenshots as every vista and environment is stunning. The public quests/events are well done, and the game overall offers challenge without anything insurmountable.

    I’d played as a Titan, and I have to say that punching things in the face is a TON of fun. :D I’ll have to level the other two classes for a comparison, but the kind of super-hero action of the Titan (flaming hammer of DOOM is so over the top) will be hard to beat.

    Not a massive amount of depth, but the main campaign is fun and it will be a good game to pop back into to blow off some steam after work. You know, punching things in the face.

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    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

    Phil and I basically spent the entire weekend playing the newly rebooted FFXIV. Very, very impressive.

    As someone said in chat, you have to give Squenix credit for taking it on the chin with the first version and going back to the drawing board to completely rework the entire game, and much applause to them for doing so. How good was it? After having played the first horrible, virtually unplayable version I downloaded the open beta client just for giggles, because I was bored. I didn’t expect a company who could have launched that first hot mess to actually get their shit in order and come up with something good…but I was wrong, and by Saturday afternoon I’d preordered the game.

    I am very much looking forward to launch, and levelling my conjuror/white mage in training past 20. I love the class, although the archer was a second choice. I actually healed in pug groups. If you know me, you know that that is really saying something. I hate grouping with strangers, partially as I have the very WORST luck in pickup groups – if you’re an immature idiot, or an elitist jerk, or the GOGOGOGO guy, I’ll land in your group. I certainly would not want to heal a pug. However, we sailed through all the ones that we did, even one with a DPS (whichever the melee class is with the great axe) who queued as tank. He had no taunts and all the health of a sickly butterfly, but we made it through (the only death during that run was mine, having made a bad choice between healing him and getting out of the bad).

    I had so much fun that I didn’t even take screenshots, which is a shame as the game is gorgeous. The three starting areas and capital cities are all very different, and the quests actually make you want to read. Unfortunately the PC version was missing most of the voice acting (although it was evidently in place for the PS3 version), but it didn’t detract too much from the experience. Combat is a bit limited and dull at low levels, possibly to cater to console players, but it is still not terrible. Crafting seems a bit tedious to me right now, but perhaps that gets better.

    We chose the EU server Moogle, which the various English-language community sites had chosen as the unofficial RP server and also the unofficial English language server. Unfortunately the French players don’t read those sites and had chosen Moogle as the unofficial French server, so there was a certain amount of bad feeling over chat being flooded with people who only wanted to speak French and group with other French people.

    All in all, a huge amount of fun. Will I play forever? Probably not. But for now, or at least until WildStar comes out, it’s a fun, immersive and very playable game.

    Some of the screenies from the weekend:

    FFXIV Conjuror
    Ravven Nyx, my white mage in training

    My big tanky girl

    Odd collisions of names

    Frickin goldspammers


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    Sword of the New World

    CharactersThis isn’t a game review. This is a quick impression by someone who tried the beta version of the game, said in quick succession “Oooh, pretty” and “Boy, does this suck” and gave up. Hey, I will freely admit to having NO patience at all. :P

    Sword of the New World is gorgeous, in a high-tech dress-up doll sort of way. You can’t change your character’s physical looks aside from choosing gender, but you have a range of stunning costumes to play with. There are some slightly weird cosplay costumes like “school outfit” and “made (sic) outfit” as well, which amused me. I could dress my fighters and mages in school uniforms or maid outfits…awesome. :D

    You control a team of up to three characters, who all fight together as a group. The environments are as gorgeous and detailed as the characters.

    It’s really, really too bad that the gameplay sucked. I hate games where you don’t have mouse-based movement – ones where you have to click the bit of ground that you want to run over to. I admit that I am too used to Warcraft, but I find that type of movement to be unnatural and awkward. The user interface was horrible, and there wasn’t a lot of help available. When I first created my characters, I added one to the team and then couldn’t find the “play” button to actually get me into an environment. You have to create your team, and then press the “New Team” button…which I had assumed would reset everything. Very frustrating and not fun.

    But it was definitely pretty. And that is my game review…written after I didn’t actually play the game. lol…