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    EGX 2015

    Yesterday we had a real treat, thank you to good friends Raz and Kaz: EGX in Birmingham. It’s been ages since I’ve been to a games con, and I’ve never been to one in the UK. It was a blast.

    We didn’t play a massive amount of games, as the line for each was so very long. We had a look at Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, which looks amazing and gorgeous. I’ve ordered this with the season pass, and will plan on having a huge jar of candied ginger on my desk so that I can play it. (There’s a reason why I’m mainly an MMO gamer. Most console games, and all first person shooters, and most games with swooping, jumping or racing vehicles make me terribly motion sick. I can just barely play the Assassin’s Creed games with a bit of help.) Raz, Kaz and Phil played some Just Cause 3, but I wandered around the booths as just a quick glance at the screens made me ill. Motion sickness really sucks for gamers. :/

    Everyone had wanted to get a look at The Division, but it had an insanely long line. Same with Tomb Raider. The VR stuff was by prebooking only.

    The cosplay event was great, with some really, really well done costumes. I didn’t get any decent pictures as I was trying to shoot around the back of someone’s head and most came out blurry. :) I love good cosplay so much.

    Overall, a really good day.

    1_egx2015 2_egx2015 3_egx2015 4_egx2015 5_egx2015 6_egx2015 7_egx2015 8_egx2015 9_egx201510_egx2015

    (Sorry for the quality of the images, my phone sucks. Or my skills suck.)

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    Tokyo Game Show 2010

    …don’t try this at home. Seriously, you just can’t look this cute unless you’re Japanese. I adore cosplay pics and themed maid cafes and so on, but middle-Western Americans just can’t pull this off.

    That’s kind of unfair, actually. When most Westerners dress up, we kind of look like LARPers, vaguely tubby white people running around in armor made from carpet and cardboard, whacking each other with rubber swords.

    There. I’ve just pissed off LARPers, American cosplayers, Midwestern Americans, and probably those of Japanese descent as well (although you guys have nothing to be pissed off about because you’re so damned stylish and cute).

    Anyway, a link to a gallery of cosplay pics from the Tokyo Game Show 2010. *sigh*