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    Madness Returns

    A stunning live action trailer for Alice: Madness Returns, created by MadHatterCollective. Absolutely lovely, and I am very anxiously awaiting my copy!



    EDIT: I got my copy today! Took it upstairs to the computer room and installed it (it took ages) – so excited to have it in my hot little hands. And then it did a release date check, and declined to start. The EU release date is tomorrow.


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    Alice: Madness Returns

    I’ve long been a fan of the original game, American McGee’s Alice. Trailers and articles about the sequel, Alice: Madness Returns have been intriguing. The look is absolutely gorgeous and dark, and of course you can’t help making Tim Burton comparisons…but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. And it’s finally releasing in June!

    Don’t blame me if I squee…

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    Fable III

    I’ve been having an enormous amount of fun playing Fable III. Generally, I play very few console or single player games. Many console games make me motion sick, and when I play single player games I don’t feel as though I’m working towards anything. Strange, I know. But Fable has had me totally enthralled.

    The graphics are gorgeous. The voice acting is superb – what other game can boast John Cleese, Ben Kingsley, Simon Pegg, Zoe Wannamaker, and Stephen Fry? The storyline is amazing (I’m only part way through). The sense of humour in every interaction is absolutely perfect. I’ve never laughed so much while playing a game.

    I got married…twice. The first time was to P., which was odd. We’re both girls, so in order to have children we need to adopt. My second spouse is a dweeb named Adrian, who is actually rather sweet. We have two children who are quite realistic in how demanding they are. “Mummy, I want a toy! Can I, Mummy? Can I? Did you get me that toy? Mummy?” until you are tempted to get divorced just so they can get sent off to the orphanage. They love me, though, and I even threatened a villager who was mean to my little boy. :)

    I’m playing a goody-two-shoes character this first time through, and everyone loves me (aside from the occasional snarky comment about my hair or tattoos). This means that everyone follows you around talking about what an amazing person you are. Adrian seems to have a second sense about any flirtations, and will show up immediately so that he can stand around looking hangdog, usually with a child in tow. *sigh*

    There are some tricky moral decisions, one which comes in the begining of the game – I’m waiting to see what the consequences of that one are.

    Combat is relatively boring, although it is possible to be knocked out and lose some of your progress. Fight encounters feel a bit same-y, but the storyline makes up for it.

    Overall, a wonderful game – I would highly recommend it if you haven’t played it yet.

    PS: Oh, and Page is gorgeous. I would marry her if I could.

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    Red Dead Redemption

    This would have been my review of Red Dead. IF I was able to find a copy in stock anywhere in the UK. Hhmmph…seriously, how hard is it to put some bods on overtime, printing and labelling new disks?  Is there a worldwide shortage of disks or labels or plastic game boxes that prevent such a thing?

    Fie, I say. Fie upon you! A plague upon your houses. By the time I get mine, the friends that I want to play with will have gotten bored or moved on to another game. (OK, probably not, but I’m feeling quite emo-ish right now.)

    *pout* *pout* *pout*

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    home sweet home

    As of this weekend, I’m back in the UK – it was wonderful seeing my family, but I’m glad to be home. I feel like the walking dead, of course – I think I’ve spent half the day so far going through mail, going through case lists, and trying to remember what the hell I was actually doing prior to Easter. It’s a Monday with a vengeance.

    Economy-class transatlantic flights are torture. They were never exactly fun, mind you, but at least you could try to sleep through it. Now the seats are so narrow that there’s no room for regular-sized people, much less Kevin Smith-sized people, and there is no leg room whatsoever. I’m just under 5’5″ (walking next to a tall person I look like a Chihuahua trotting to keep up), and I had no leg room. I was also sitting in the middle of five seats. If you want to stand up to use the lavatory or just stretch your legs, you need to ask two other people to collect all of their stuff and move into the aisle so you can get out. I got up twice during the trip. I kept myself awake by having territorial elbow wars with the fat German teenage boy next to me. (Don’t mess with me boy, I’m much meaner than you are!)

    My sisters and I all got a tattoo together – the kanji for family, combined with a blue-green dragonfly for my mother. Two of my sisters had never had a tattoo before, and I have video of them concentrating veryvery hard, trying to “cowboy up” and not be a crybaby. :D

    I’m catching up on tons of blog posts in my feed reader – trying to read anything, even just checking mail, was impossible on dailup (which is all my father has). I can’t believe that we ever put up with that. The connecting noise brought back memories, however.

    Lots of Cataclysm news. I’ve been reading through it, but I feel a bit distant from the changes – it’s difficult to really get excited over things when you’re not raiding.

    And I have to say that Red Dead Redemption looks totally awesome. Awesome to the point of considering buying a second XBox so we can play together.

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    Mass Effect 2 Subject Zero

    I admire female warrior archetypes.

    Strong female characters in games (books, TV and movies as well, to be honest) are something which has always interested me. Zoe in Firefly is the perfect example of a strong, but still feminine character. Samantha Carter, although undeniably intelligent, lacked something in the “warrior woman” area. Claudia Black’s character in Farscape was quite good, sexy while still being a warrior.

    P was playing Mass Effect 2 today, and sent me the screenshot to the left. I quite like her – she has tons of attitude, awesome tats, and she looks as thought she would be fun to play. The video below shows off some of that attitude.

    I suppse my dream of running with the bulls this summer in Spain ties in with the idea of being a warrior – after all, “bull-leaping” was (perhaps) a rite of passage for young female warrior-priests. If I can manage to go (looking more and more bleak with my mother so ill and the need to go home to the States to visit her while I still can) I plan on a crescent moon/bull’s horns tattoo done in Celtic knotwork to memorialise it.

    Every woman needs a touch of warrior in her.