Here are some of the recent pictures, posted for my family. The Carousel ones didn’t turn out very well, because we only had the digital camera. The ones of the storm I’ve already posted, and there are a couple of the rats, as well as the bonfire in the park. The fireworks the other night were awful – not the official ones in the park, but the ones that kids were letting off. They seemed never-ending, and so loud.

It was VERY wet this morning. Even at lunch, when I went out walking, everything was slicksodden with rainsoaked leaves. Very dangerous on the damn cobbles.

Not much else to write…I have to make more of an effort with this! I’ve just been so tired…not sleeping, and in a fog by the time I get home from work. Phil seems very distant, and I’m not sure if it’s really him, or just my tiredness making me think so.

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