Very busy weekend, a lot of it spent driving. Phil finally found a great car, and we went to Coventry fairly late last night to buy it – and this was after driving to Warwick the day before! Anyway, we got home at about 11:30 last night, absolutely shattered.

The ending to Doctor Who was very good, with a nice unexpected twist (no spoilers, you know what I mean if you watched it). But I hatehatehate the Casanova guy. Not personally, I just want Christopher Eccleston back. I liked his Doctor: strong personality with a dark, dangerous edge. Not like your camp old “funny” uncle, which I think what’s-his-face is going to be. I don’t want camp and lightweight – I much prefer a Doctor who can be scary underneath the jokes.

Under the category of things you see when you don’t have a camera: the other day Phil and I were walking back to the house, I think after having picked up some chicken at the chippy. Ahead of us was an extremely wide girl pushing a baby. She was wearing the lowest-slung trousers that I have ever seen, and the top of her thong (buried between these MASSIVE white cheeks like a pair of boiled brontosaurus eggs) was at least four to six inches above the waistband. She kept reaching around to hitch them up as she walked, whenever they were on the verge of completely falling off. Now, I don’t think that everyone has to be a stick insect. I am no longer a stick insect, so I wouldn’t point fingers. But, really, did you actually stand in front of a mirror, look at your behind in those size 46 jeans, and hike your thong a little higher? Ack. It was an amazing sight.

Ah, well, back to work. Presently investigating WTVML for Sky Interactive content, and reading my new Call to action book. GREAT book.

5 thoughts on “Catch-Up”

  1. catwithclaws

    …mmmm….maybe she’s lost some weight? :) that’d explain the too-large pants.

    But yes. UGH, likely not and I know exactly the sort you are talking about. Good to know it’s not just in the US that such people plague us :P

    yay for car! are there photos or do I hunt out his journal?

  2. There’s a small pic on ‘s journal. He has a long commute, and needed a reliable car with a fairly big engine in it. It will be comfy for trips, which will be nice.

    Trust me – she hadn’t lost ANY weight. :)

  3. *LAUGHS* You almost made me spew water all over my keyboard. There was choke-age there. :P

    I was expecting some wonder of nature, but no, you are talking about some lard-ass wearing a cheese-wire thong! *laughs* You GOTTA take a camera with you to the chippy from now on. We GOTTA see this! :)

  4. wandringsoul

    Trust me – with reference to the thong (I typed ‘thing’ initially and I probably shouldn’t have corrected it!), it was a sight to behold; imagine one of the old disney cartoons, where the jungle animals slowly trundle into the distance…now picture an old elephant, with big dimpled thighs one up, one down, one up one down with each step.

    No add – one pair of poorly fitted jeans – tapered in defiance of all fashion laws from narrow ankle to voluminous girth at the waist, and a thong – of which you could only see the top triangle, as the actual thong bit had been enveloped by the cheeks, like dropping a strand of liqourice into warm rice pudding…gloop, gone forever. We actually joked that she had probably lost several thongs this way…

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