The seminar (Dynamic Websites: Macromedia MX for Classic ASP Using ADO) went really well. Nathan and I hated to come back. Gorgeous venue, first of all: Burton Manor College, featuring ivy-covered walls, formal gardens and manicured woods, croquet lawn, stone terrace, bar, dining room with INCREDIBLE food, etc. The classes were very well structured to teach a mixed group of students, and the documentation was exceptional. I’ve used Dreamweaver for years, of course, but the automated procedures for working with databases and dynamic content were incredible. Let’s put it this way: Nathan and I were able to sit down and create a blog system, complete with multiple users, profile areas where a user could choose a template and CSS style for their blog, and the ability to edit and delete entries…in a couple of hours! I was SO impressed.

Nathan took pics, which I will link to once he posts them, so everyone can see how gorgeous it was. What we learned is going to make the V.3 redesign SO much easier and quicker!

Phil and I went out to the new house last night, as he had picked up the keys while I was gone. We introduced ourselves to the new neighbours (we’ll be building a fence on the side that connects with their property). Aside from the decorating that needs to be done, there are a lot of little things that need to be fixed: hinges on doors, locks, etc., a couple of cracked windowpanes, but overall it’s not too bad. Since we’re basically starting from scratch, we said that anything they were going to throw away, they could leave, and they took us at our word: they DIDN’T leave the cooker that they were going to, but they left the kids’ posters taped to the walls, some empty jars, and the things that were too high to reach easily.

We’re moving furniture tomorrow! I am SO excited!

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