Cataclysm Initial Impressions

Although I’ve been a bit sidelined with some terrible headaches, here are some initial impressions of the Cataclysm launch:

1. CE boxes are freakin’ HUGE!
Citylink delivered our CE shipments from Amazon to a neighbor (even though P was at home waiting for the delivery!) and didn’t bother putting a card through the door to say where they had left them. We noticed on the Amazon account that the orders showed as being delivered and raised holy hell. This was sidetracked a bit by our 80-year-old disabled lady neighbor trying to deliver the massive boxes herself, during the recent terrible freeze that we just had. Boxes plus Elderly Lady plus thick ice skating rink = Total Distaster.

2. I love, love, love the underwater Vashj’ir area and quests.
They are gorgeous – and I love the freedom of navigating in the water. The quests were fun. And you GET TO RIDE A SEAHORSE. ‘Nuff said.

3. The Goblin starting area is great. Cheesy, but great.
Riding around in a hot rod with your mates, honking the horn and listening to the radio is awesome. I liked the Worgen area, but the Goblen area was just sheer campy fun. I love the way that it looks, with the neon and tatty industrial areas. Just perfect.

4. Stormwind and Ogrimmar are wonderful.
The ground textures (or the angles of the buildings) still makes me ill in Stormwind. But flying over it is awesome.

5. Quest Innuendo – here are some quest names from last night:

  • A Case of Crabs
  • A Taste for Tail
  • Camel Tow (tow as in towing camels, although I haven’t done this one yet).

6. Easy – too easy
We had guild members hit 85 on the day after the expansion. Everyone is saying that it is very, very easy. As a casual player, I don’t mind easy – I hate grind, I hate quests where you are forced to group to complete them. But having people blow through your content in a day isn’t a good thing. I haven’t done any instances yet, but I hear that the early ones are very simple and will probably get boring quite fast.

Simply wonderful, and so much fun. Now that I’m no longer in the grip of migraine, I really look forward to playing tonight until my eyes bleed. :D

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