Cataclysm Details Leaked


I suppose by now everyone has seen the leaked-but-not-yet-confirmed Cataclysm details over on MMO Champion. If this is true (and I suppose we’ll all know fairly soon), it’s quite exciting. Some of the leaked details sound awesome, and some pretty farfetched.  I mean, really – Tauren Paladins and Priests?  That makes no sense whatsoever…although Holy Cows would be quite funny, at least for the first day or so.

Level Cap 85

Interesting, and hopefully it does take a lot more time and work to hit level cap.

New Classes

I’m quite excited about these – it never, ever made sense to me that a human couldn’t be a hunter. And OMFG, I am SO having a Troll Druid. I just couldn’t handle being a cow, but Trolls are Teh Sexx and I would love to have one…especially if they had new forms that align with Troll lore.


“Worgens will have two forms, a Worgen form and a Human form. Players will be able to customise the look of both forms.” How fucking cool is that?  Shapeshifters!  All the people who used to RP werewolves will feel quite smug.  :)  But seriously…I am definitely rolling a worgen.

Revamped Classic Content and Dungeons

This is awesome. Everyone loves the Caverns of Time instances, so I don’t think many people would have a problem with the vanilla WoW areas being reworked. It’s such a massive shame to have the 1-60 areas just be something that you have to endure for the nth time. This is a wonderful idea.


I’m really glad that they’re finally doing something with this area, as it’s always been one of the areas that I’ve loved. It’s Kitsune’s home, for one thing…I’ve always felt that she “lives” in Azshara. One thing that Warcraft has always done well is environments that feel like actual places. I love how clean and cold Winterspring feels, and I feel so at home in the autumn woods of Azshara.

If this leaked material turns out to be largely accurate, then I do think it’s an interesting illustration of the changes that Activision/Blizzard has wrought. The old Blizzard would never, ever have allowed leaks of this magnitude. This feels like something (again, if true) that has been purposely allowed, which would be a choice of marketing suits. I love the gossip and speculation, but I don’t like the thought of Blizzard being changed to a deadline driven corporate entity that will release expansions ready or not, and that would consider ruining the magic of announcements like this just to drive up the numbers of live steam pay-per-view subscribers. That would make me sad.

That said, pleasepleaseplease Elune give me my troll Druid.  :)

9 thoughts on “Cataclysm Details Leaked”

  1. Seriously, I know – I’ve heard so many people say the same thing! I hadn’t dropped my account, but I can go a week or two without logging in now that I’m not raiding – but this would definitely make me play again.

    It’s just a weird situation, since I don’t think all of this could have been data-mined from the test realms. It just makes me think that (again the disclaimer “if it’s true”) that they’ve done a sneaky feed of this information just to get more people to subscribe to the Blizzcon live stream. And that is something the old Blizzard just wouldn’t have done, imho.

  2. “Trolls are Teh Sexx” – <3

    My tauren druid is level 12. I think I'll just hold off on leveling her so I won't feel bad when I delete her for (yet another) troll. :D

  3. They can’t do this to me while I’m trying to run an Aion website! Now I’m going to tell my other friends who quite WoW and we’ll all end up playing it again. :(

  4. I don’t know about the troll druid. I read a blue comment somewhere recently that if they were going to add classes it would more likely be to the races with the fewest options. Trolls are tied with BElfs for the most choices already Horde-side.

  5. That’s true – trolls do have a lot of options. IF this is true, then perhaps what they’re going to do is allow all races to play all classes and to hell with the lore.

    But then again, this while thing is probably pure speculation and wishes, not what is actually going to happen. :)

  6. I know Ravven will slap me for this but to hell with it, I think this is just poor attempts and pluggin the dam so people wont think about the other MMO’s out there. WoW has had it’s day for serious RPG’er it’s a simple game for simple minds. It offers nothing in the way of challenge and when it does the simple minds QQ till it’s changed and made easier. Glad I stopped playing, it wont see hard drive space on my machine again.

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