Cataclysm Collectors Edition

I just managed to order mine! *happy dance*

That will offset my frustration with Square Enix and FFXIV. *grrrrr* To be honest, actually, I’m not that bothered. I wouldn’t mind having a look, but I can’t even register nor can I download the beta client. I cancelled the CE that I’d ordered after reading all of the negative comments and bad reviews. Perhaps after launch I’ll buy a copy (not CE) and have a look. But the comments about the horrendous UI and poor gameplay have put me off.

It does look pretty, though. :/

EDIT: I tried one last time before leaving to go see the knee doctor, and it finally let me in!  Will try to download the client tonight.

2 thoughts on “Cataclysm Collectors Edition”

  1. I would love to see MMO which won’t flop and will be if not wow-killer, at least wow-competitor. Something tells me thou, that I will be playing Cataclysm for next 2 years *sigh*

    PS. If you still visit your Argent Dawn character sometimes, say hello to Tummum, cow I transferred there.

  2. Hey, you. :) I haven’t played on Argent Dawn in a while, but I’ll come back and look for you. Been ages since we were on the same server!

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