Cake or Death

Just had to use that title because I saw someone with a <Cake or Death> guild tag last night, and it really amused me. Great name. (For those of you who don’t know where the reference comes from, Eddie Izzard below.)

So, death, please…no, cake! I meant cake.  :D

I dinged 26 on my Cleric last night in Deepstrike Mines. We had a really fun guild run, and although we wiped a few times on the last boss, I really liked it as an instance. Perhaps because we wiped several times – it makes a nice change from AOE-fest gogogogo runs. I healed (with some help from Harli on the last boss, who was kind enough to gimp himself by switching to an off-healer spec, thank you!). We ended the night with some mad runs to do some of the puzzles. Very nice night.

I quite like Deepstrike (although Realm of the Fae is my favourite so far). The physical design was interesting, there was quite a bit of trash but not a punishing amount, and the last boss has an interesting mechanic to overcome.

I can’t remember if I’ve posted about the queue times since they fixed them. I don’t think they’ve officially admitted to increasing the server cap, but it seems obvious that they have – the queues actually move now. Before, you could be number 300, 400, 600 – and the queues would barely move. Now they seem to decrease a lot more naturally (naturally in the sense that they act more like the queues at Aion launch, or in the old days of WoW). Whatever they did, the change is very much appreciated.

But anyway. Cake? Or Death?

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