I forgot to write about something (mildly) amusing that I saw last week. On my way to work, I pass a large advertising post on the side of a bus shelter, which advertises Trojans. The image is a closeup of a girl with closed eyes, obviously in the throes of Trojan-enhanced ecstacy (“For her pleasure”). Anyway, there was an elderly lady waiting for the bus, standing perfectly placed in front of the poster so you could see her posed in her pastel coat and little hat, with the word Trojans above her head. The lighting was such that she looked like part of the poster, and for a second I was taken aback, wondering what twisted advertising mind came up with the concept of using grannies to advertise condoms. Then I drove past, and the two images separated.

lol…sorry, probably not funny to anyone else, but it amused me.

Another busy week, but a good day so far.

3 thoughts on “BusyBusyBusy”

  1. *giggles*

    Perspective is a blessed thing.
    (ESPECIALLY where grannies and condoms are concerned!)

    *giggles more*

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