Busy Weekend

We’ve actually managed to be quite productive this weekend – the hallway is mostly plastered, and after another session should be ready for paint. :) The third-floor rooms are much more orderly, although we seem to be missing the bolts to re-hang the computer room door. :(

I rode Lizzie this morning, after as much lungeing as I thought her sore front feet could take. She was good – we just did some walk and trot work for about fifteen minutes and then called it a day while she was still good. I’d got on her for the first time since she went on stall rest yesterday, with Phil there in case I broke my neck or something (I’d really hate to lie in the arena for three hours before someone found me!) and she was very tense – partially, I think, because trying to keep her slow and calm winds her up more when she’s tense. She may just need to be galloped until she settles, but I don’t know her and don’t trust her enough to do that. Someone brushed by the outside corner of the arena, scaring her to death, and after that it was pointless – she was gone.

So, baby steps forward, but I’m thankful for them.

I’m going to the local equestrian centre in a bit to watch several people from the stable in the year-end championships that they have been working towards; I’ll video what rides I can. Next year it will be our turn!

My sister called last night; she is at home, and is feeling better. Much of the feeling has come back to one leg and one arm, but she still has one leg that is totally lifeless and one arm that has some feeling but isn’t much use. She can feed the baby, but not hold her. She’s quite worried about the future, and also understandably angry. Sometimes the “why me?” feeling overcomes her and she gets both angry and depressed, but she’s trying to maintain a good attitude. She’s doing a lot of physio in hopes that, if the nerves start functioning again, she’ll have usable muscles in that leg and arm. :(

Quick bacon bap, and then I’m off to the show…Phil is killing and skinning beasties on WarCraft. I always feel sorry for them, even though they’re only computer beasties. *s*

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