Busy Lizzy

As of last night, I am now the owner of a 12 year old, 16.1h thoroughbred mare named Lizzie. :) Her previous owner, and her trainer, were both wonderful. The mare is a very nice mover, although not a flashy mover in that exaggerated warmblood way. She’s very forward, and needs to be ridden on much more of a contact than I normally ride – I was struggling with that. Lateral movement solid, very responsive, gorgeous smooth canter and long stride. Lovely. :) The woman burst into tears and had to turn away for a bit after we shook hands on the deal; she’s owned her for six years, and now has to sell due to travel and work commitments.

I’ve been trolling eBay for tack this morning – nothing Kip has will fit her! He has all extra-wide, warmblood-size tack, 6″ bits, 7’0″ rugs, etc. She takes a 4 3/4″ bit, a medium to medium-wide saddle, and 6’3″ rugs. Yikes!!! Thank goodness for the saddle that I can just switch the gullet plate on, at least I’ll have a dressage saddle.

Her legs were amazingly clean for her age, no lumps or bumps at all, but she does have a cyst just behind the girth area that I’ll have to watch. It’s funny having a TB again…her legs looked like pipestems in comparison with Kip’s massive tree trunks. ;) She fits me a lot better. I’m a small person, and it was always tough trying to hold a huge 17h horse together – although I did train Kip to be extremely light on the aids, just because I didn’t have the physical strength to ride him any other way.

I’m VERY excited – she arrives tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “Busy Lizzy”

  1. Oh wow, congrats!! :)

    It’ll be a change but I think it’s overdue and a welcomed one :) I look forward to hearing more about her!


    This is VERY much of the good. I’m so pleased for you. So, is Kip to be sold now when he’s healthy?

  3. Yes, I have the summer to get him a clean bill of health, and find him a really good home. He needs to go to someone who will really treat him well – hopefully I can find someone who already knows him, since everyone loves him so much. :)

  4. Thanks! :) She was SO different to ride than Kip…I’ve become so attuned to him, and I needed to ride her in a totally different way. She was just running through my hands, but I could feel that I wasn’t telling her the right things. She’s fat from just lazing around in pasture, as the trainer has just barely kept her ticking over for the owner, but she’ll be easy to get fit. I really, really like her.

  5. Thanks! She’s very pretty, very feminine looking. There’s a saying in horses that they should have the head of a duchess and the bottom of a cook, or something to that effect, and that’s exactly what she’s like. :)

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