busy, busy, busy…

Well, the wallpaper has been stripped, the gorgeous Minton tile has been cleaned and stripped, and the lower half of the hallway has been repapered…a very tiring three days.  I am SO done with DIY.

This morning the doorbell pulled me out of bed; it was Postman Pat delivering GuildWars: Nightfall, and LOTRO.  (Ok, so I kept that one a secret – I thought I’d see if I liked it any better this time around.  One month free, too.)  I’ve spent some time creating new GuildWars characters, and am waiting for the LOTRO download to finish.

Miz and I went on a Shattered Halls run last night, her on Ravven and me on Kitsune.  It was long…SH is never fun at the best of times.  We wiped several times on trash and then took the end boss down in a matter of minutes, as though he took one look at us, fell over, and died…go figure.  It was nice to have a run on Kit, and very nice to play with Miz again.  I miss that so much.

I have to figure out a way of keeping Ennui alive for longer, though.  I understand that BM hunters have extra pet healing talents, which would probably help, but not at the expense of trapping, trueshot, silencing shot, and so on.  Poor bugger.  I know he’s only a digital creature, a collection of pixels, but we’ve spent so much time running together that he seems like a friend.  Kit’s RP backstory concerns Ennui, and their deep friendship.  I thought about working “talking animal” mythology into it – i.e., killing a boar in the Barrens, who spoke as she was dying and said “take care of young Ennui, he is the last direct descendant of Agamaggan and the last hope of his tribe”…but then I realised how little I know of the lore, and how lazy I am about researching, and decided not to.  :)

This is a huge LOTRO download.  458% so far.  Hhmph.

Back to reading and drinking some well-deserved vodka.

2 thoughts on “busy, busy, busy…”

  1. Oh, you will probably love LOTRO – for first 20 levels, after that there is more and more forced grouping to get anything done. Still, good game, I freezed my account, will be back in few months.
    As for SH, I remember 1,5 hour run with Ebon Flame, so it can be done in fun and clean way. Unless you are talking about heroic *shivers*.
    And I feel bad everytime pet dies, when I am on healing duty. They may be artificial and pixelated, but there are emotions of their owners attached to them, and that counts.

  2. I am having fun with LOTRO, actually – I hated the beta, but I may have had an initial “it’s not WoW” reaction to it.

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