I’ve been considering cancelling my Warcraft account. This is not an easy decision, since I have a lot of friends and people that I greatly enjoy spending time with who are in the guild, or who are friends on the same server. But the fairly hardcore raiding guild that I belong to (yeah, yeah, much less hardcore than many, but raiding five nights a week and expecting 100% attendance is pretty hardcore to me) has collected as many asshats as you would expect a guild of it’s type to collect, and it’s all wearing on me. The game is not fun anymore, and once a game isn’t fun, you need to put down the mouse or the controller and go do something else.

Immersing myself in the game has seen me through some very bad times in recent months – I do have to admit that. But I have to believe that things will turn around for me personally, and I feel that it’s time for a sea change. Prior to everything getting so bad, I’d turned down jobs that required a substantial commute, since a four-hour roundtrip would have meant not raiding. I actually discounted potentially good jobs because it would impact on my raid schedule. That is wrong. Granted, I still wouldn’t be thrilled about a long train commute, but that decision should be made for the right reasons.

I love MMOs, and I don’t want to stop gaming…I just want to do other things for a bit, play other games. I don’t want to sit night in and night out with people that I can’t stand…that’s insane. And as for playing casually?  I just don’t roll that way. I like challenges and goals and rewards to be won. I like that big hunk of cheese at the end of the maze.

And yet…and yet…I will miss it. I’m confused.  :)  After playing in a shared world for as long as I have this one, it feels like a breakup. It feels like moving away from home and friends. It feels lonely.

6 thoughts on “Burnout”

  1. In my opinion – this game isn’t worth putting hardcore effort into it anymore. It’s so accessible now, that you can do anything and get everything as casual. If casual play isn’t your pair of pants, don’t make yourself suffer being in hardcore guild, and take a break.
    Perhaps focusing on other things would be wise now, You know better.
    Whatever you decide, keep writing here:-)

  2. I had that same fear, but I have to say it didn’t happen at all. I write more now, I play fun Xbox games, I go to a lot more parties, some of which I throw.

    I’ll take that over getting phat lootz any day.

  3. Yes, I was just saying recently that I can’t remember last time I threw a dinner party, or went to a club, or…anything.

  4. O, then hardcore WoWing has exact same effect on your social life as raising kids. Easier to break with, thou, but in the end you have no kids to show for it:-)

  5. I know what you mean, and when a game is the most important part of your life, you need to stop and think if this is a good thing.
    There is a whole world out there, and a thousand games, and tons of people – don’t limit yourself
    Have fun

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